28 Nov 2020


2020 is indeed an awful year, for the first time in history, at least I think so, the whole world from top to bottom is a victim of the same virus and we are all sitting in the same boat. From ennimies over terrorists to friends the Corona has taken us all.

The worst this year for me is that I can't go to Egypt as I used to do each year for 2 weeks, to get a maximum of sunshine, at the red sea, while at home it was the worst month of the year, November, where it's humid and cold and depressing. Not only I miss sunshine the sandy beach and the blue very warm and salty water but also my big love ..... Oscar the camel !

It was standing with its owner in front of the hotel and the tourists payed him to have a picture taken with them and Oscar. But apparently I was a special tourist to Oscar, because we became friends, he was really happy when he saw me and of course about the apple and piece of bread I brought him every day. I also started to talk to the owner who told me that he studied in Cairo's university and in reality Oscar belonged to his father. The young student had found out that dressing up like a farmer's  boy with a camel he could easily make money with the tourists. Oscar observed us chatting and suddenly put his big head on my shoulder ! Fortunately I have always loved camels and I petted this big head and admired his long eye lashes and wasn't afraid at all !

Oscar my holiday  love

He has quite a big head !

His owner asked me if I wanted to sit on Oscar's back and make a little tour! He didn't have to ask me twice !!

Oscar kneeled down and I was proud that I could climb on him quiet easily ! At my age it is not really an evidence !

And then he stood up and I was sitting high up on Oscars back and we walked along the street ! I had the impression to sit in a boat or in a rocking chair ! 

It was not the first time that I rode on a camel it was at least the 4th time, but I never rode on a horse !!

Next time I should try an elephant !

In these lockdown times at least you have time to dream !!

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Elephant's Child said...

How I LOVE your Sunday Selections. Thank you so much for joining us.
I have ridden an elephant (and traveled in a slow moving cloud of elephant fart) but have never ridden a camel.
I am impressed at your agility too.
I do hope you can get back to Egypt soon. It is a place I would love to see.

DUTA said...

You and Oscar are quite a pair!
You look lovely in the pictures with him! Hopefully, you'll soon be able to visit Egypt and meet your camel.

Linda Hoye said...

My goodness! What an experience!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I can see why someone would fall in love with Oscar.
Stay Safe and Coffee is on

Linens and Royals said...

Oscar looks so elegant and clean and white. The only camels I've seen are grubby brown ones. I've never ridden a horse or a camel but I did ride an elephant once when I was a child. It was at Sydney Zoo many years ago and I am pleased for the sake of the elephant that the rides have been discontinued.

Andrew said...

Do not ride an elephant bareback. You need a seat. I hope you can see Oscar next year. Maybe if the situation improves in early 2021, you could perhaps go then.

Penelope Notes said...

What wonderful fun! This post made me smile like the camel seems to be doing at seeing you! Oscar is a gem and his educated owner very smart, indeed. :)

Tamago said...

Oscar is a gorgeous camel!
I hope you will be able to travel to Egypt next year.

Happy Sunday xo

mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely memory of your holiday away. Praying that next year will bring us some normality.