10 Nov 2020


Dinant is about an hour and a half away from Brussels and ideal for a one day excursion. I have been there with a group from my city Waterloo. It is a true picture-postcard town.

Dinant provides a stunning spectacle, especially when you look across the Meuse and lift your gaze towards the Citadelle and the onion-domed tower of the Collegiate church, all highlighted by the ribbon of houses and shops running alongside the river. 

Set between a dramatic cliff and the river, Dinant invites you to enjoy the pleasures of the water where you can book a little cruise with or without restaurant and watch the beautiful riversides with lovely little or big houses. take the lift up to the Citadelle (fortress) of Dinant, from where you have a stunning view over the city, the Meuse river and the valley.  

The cable  car ! 

Was fun because it shaked a bit and some ladies were not happy !

High on the rock sits the citadelle ! Fortunately a lift takes you up there but you can also go by car or walk.

All along the riverside under the citadel and the church are lined up many restaurants, or cafes where you can sit and watch the ships going up and down the river

The houses are really "glued" to the rocks

The onion domed church of Dinant

The lift took us up to the citadelle and we had this beautiful view over Dinant

Here you could take boats small or big once depending on what you want to do

A street in Dinant with many shops and souvenir shops
The Meuse river
Towards the entrance of the Citadelle
The inside court

and going down again

and taking a rest with a good cup of coffee and a wafel  with whipped cream !!


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Handmade in Israel said...

I have been to Brussels but not heard of this place. It looks delightful! I like the tall, colourful buildings. They do look like they have been glued together :)

Andrew said...

What great photos. Walk up to the Citadel! You have made a joke.

Mara said...

I agree with Andrew: you must be joking if you think I would walk up that! Isn't that why they invented cable cars, regular cars and so forth??

Fun60 said...

What a delightful town, so picturesque. I am surprised I have not heard of it before.

eileeninmd said...

What a beautiful city, lovely views of the river and cliff. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead!

William Kendall said...

That rock wall speaks to my inner mountaineer.

Tamago said...

Wonderful photos! I would love to visit there...and ride the cable car. Hopefully it won’t shake :-)

Little Wandering Wren said...

I thought Dinant looked spectacular and then you mentioned the wow waffle! Glad to see you are able to get out and about. Have a lovely week
Wren x

junie/jesh said...

Beautiful views of city Dinant here! The river seems like attracting people. Love the stores and churches. Am happy you can travel!