12 Nov 2020


1. It's the 11th day of the 11th month and bloggers often make lists on days like today. Let's go with a list of eleven things you're feeling grateful for today. 

I am sorry but I never do lists not even for Father Christmas, the only list I do is my shopping list, but this is not very interesting to number 11 things !

2. What's something you decided to do or act on at the '11th hour'? 

If I understand well, we have two 11 hours, one in the morning and one in the evening. For the mornings I usually don't decide anything and just let it go depending on my mood. As a retired vintage woman I can do with my time what I want. Sometimes I only get dressed at 11, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. But one thing is sure what I decide in the evening, that's going into my bed ! And cat Rosie decides that too. Then we read a bit and try to sleep.

3. Apparently the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe contains 11 herbs and spices. What's a dish you make that calls for exactly eleven ingredients? Feel free to share the list and/or recipe.

In the past I did a lot of Italian cooking as my husband is Italian and I love Italian kitchen too !  It's very healthy, but now finding a dish with 11 herbs and spices that seems a bit difficult  but I found one ! 

Tomato chicken with black garlic 

4 pieces of poultry, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 2 cloves of Japanese black garlic, 2 onions, basil, 1 tablespoon horseradish powder,, olive oil, a handful of pitted black olives, 6 tablespoons white wine

4. Something you remember about your 11-year old self? 

When I was 11 years old I had two hobbies ! One was reading books all kind of books and I had such a consumption that my poor father could hardly follow ! He, who didn't like to read books (only documentaries, or other very intellectual books) he couldn't understand that I read so quickly all these children books ! 


I didn't have a picture with me 11 years old, so I took the bicycle, which I liked very much too.

My other hobby was spending outside with my friends on my rollerskates I loved it and we went on the sidewalks and bothered walking people

5. The 11th of November is Veterans Day in the US of A. This is a day to honor those who have served their country in war or peace-dead or alive-although according to the government's website it's largely intended to thank living veterans for their sacrifices. Memorial Day is when we honor military personnel who died in service to their country. Share a thought relating to Veterans Day or tell us something about a Veteran you know-love-admire.

In Belgium and France the 11th of November is celebrated as armistice day, which means the end of the first World War. Nobody else in Europe celebrates this day and here not very much either. I think the King puts a wreath under the statue of the unknown soldier a few important people are with him, and of course no surviving Veteran. Most of the people don't even know why this day is off, but are very happy about it. Each year there is a discussion about not celebrating this day anymore, but so far it's still in these two European countries. As we under the second lockdown I suppose all celebrations have been cancelled.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

December approaches and I wonder how and if we can celebrate Christmas this year ? If we are still under lockdown then  it will be rather sad. All Christmas markets have been cancelled, and I don't know where we could buy Christmas decorations as only the food stores are open. As we moved into an apartment this year, I had thrown away or given away,  all our old Christmas decorations, I wanted new once ! The Christmas tree I ordered on Internet, and I will wait and see if they open all shops or not. Otherwise I will look into the second hand pages and maybe buy my Christmas stuff back, that would be funny !




Linens and Royals said...

Nov. 11th is Remembrance Day here and we have a minutes silence at 11am or those that remember do. I thought of my mother's cousin who enlisted in the army and arrived in Belgium as a skinny 19 year old soldier just as the 1st World War ended. The 11th Nov. is also my older sister's birthday.
For my 11th birthday I received a watch and lots of books as I love reading too. I would not cook any recipe with 11 ingredients.

Willow said...

I am surprised that Armistice Day isn't more celebrated. I thought it was important and celebrated in England.
I loved reading, too, as an eleven year old! Weekly visits to the library were a must. And roller skating and bike riding, too.
Any soup can easily have eleven ingredients. The more herbs, the better it tastes!

mamasmercantile said...

Armistice Day is a big event in the UK and the laying of the wreaths at the memorials and services are a big events. Sadly the pandemic stopped them all this year but we stood on the doorstep and observed the two minute silence along with all our neighbours.

bp said...

I liked to read a lot too and kept my book shelf like a little library.

I am wondering about Christmas also this year and what it will look like for all of us. Very different.

William Kendall said...

Remembrance Day is marked here, though this one was a weird one.

Mara said...

We 'escaped' WWI in the Netherlands and that's why we don't celebrate/remember it. For us, the 11th of the 11th is St Martin's Day.

Tanza Erlambang said...

You look so cute with your bike when you were 11 years old....sweet memory.

Have a great day