8 Feb 2020


Going on holidays involves packing of a suitcase, I mean at least one. In the past I prepared the suitcase several weeks before departure for the three of us. Then I thought that's stupid because each time one or two days before I unpacked everything, because I didn't remember what I had put in the suitcases.

Meanwhile I have learned to make my life easy. I prepared a list with all things I have to take with me and one day before my departure I pack my suitcase and cross out the item I had put in. This way the suitcase was quickly packed, but I still managed to forget a little thing, but as I never went camping in a completely isolated place, I could by the missing thing in the next shop.

I stated that from my friends everybody has his own way to pack ! One starts (really !) three months before departure, packs, unpacks, change clothes add things, take things out and is a nervous wreck when finally the day of departure comes.

Another washes everything and the night before departure throws what she thinks she would need in her suitcase and if she misses something, she says "I am not going in a desert".

Then I have one who irons everything possible and wears only clothes she doesn't take along. She even irons her socks and underwear. On her list is written where to put the underwear (left side) the pullovers (right side) above thinks which could wrinkle and of course her iron ! She also takes shoe creme with her (and wears sandals) and a whole pharmacy as if we would go in the jungle from Aspirine to anti itch, everything was there except a blood reserve.

I also once travelled with a friend who was so tired before leaving that she had packed 10 pairs of socks, forgotten her underwear and onlyhad one cardigan and a bath suit. And she wondered that her suitcase was so light and empty. She had to buy the things she needed once we had arrived.

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  1. We all have our own way of doing things but for me I like to pre-plan so that I know I have everything I need. I also like to try it all on so that I know it all still fits.

  2. Whether you are away for two days or two weeks, you don't need much more for two weeks compared to two days. It is about the basics that you have to pack.

  3. Packing may seem simple but it's not. Some regard packing a suitcase as an art or even science with rules attached to it. The first thing is to have a suitable suitcase, and next, plan to have a minimized load of items you need. I usually start planning ten days before departure.

  4. As long as I have enough clean underwear and socks, the rest is doable. I don't mind walking around with a stain on my jeans, but I want a clean pair of knickers!

  5. un post muy bueno, a veces es una locura hacer la maleta

  6. I always have a list and usually pack the day before so if I'm missing anything I can run to the shops and get it.

  7. Packing is the only thing I hate about going on vacation.

  8. I use the same list everytime I travel which has all the basics on it. I agree with Andrew that you need the same whether it is a weekend or month's holiday.


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