6 Feb 2020


Once again I was called to see the principal of my school, because I had committed I don't remember what crime. It didn't  bother me I was used to that, listened to an educative speech, promised to never do it again and returned to my class.

One day however it was different, I just had sat down with two question marks in my eyes and looking as innocent as an Boticelli angel, when the telephone rang, the principal picked it up answered something, put the phone in place and told me "Wait here, I will be back in a minute" A minute was impossible it took already one to get out of his chair and walk to the door, as he was rather Buddha sized and didn't look like a tennis trainer.

Of course after a minute he wasn't back, not even after 10. I got bored and looked around me, thinking of what I could do. There was nothing interesting on his desk, a few notes and a few names without any remarks.

So I did what I always did as a child when I had to wait somewhere, I draw cats. For that I needed a pencil and paper, went around the desk, found a paper, a pencil and even an eraser. I started drawing cats in all positions and was so busy that I forgot where I was.

But then my stomach claimed I was hungry !  I had no watch but there was a little alarm clock on the desk. I saw 12 h ! Now I understood why I was hungry and also fed up to sit in the Principal's office who had disappeared for a minute and one and a half hours later wasn't back.

I thought, if he thinks that I will sit here until he dares to come back, then he doesn't know me I am not a sheep. (That's why I was sitting in his office) probably. I took another paper, and wrote in big letters :

I will be back .....

It was not necessary to return, as he didn't call me anymore he probably had forgotten ! And I had forgotten my cat drawings on his desk !

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Loree said...

That sounds like the longest minute ever!

William Kendall said...

I was never in a principal's office that long.

Andrew said...

He probably softened when he found the cat drawings and realised you had waited a long time for him to return.