4 Feb 2020


In 2009 I went with my friend Chantal to Egypt and stayed for the first time in our hotel Sunrise Holiday Resort in Hurghada. Meanwhile I have been there 10 times !

As we hadn't seen Cairo and the pyramids yet we decided to make a car excursion to Cairo and visit the so famous pyramids.

It was November and still 27°C

The pyramides were huge and quite impressive

Of course we took a camel tour around the pyramides

Of course lots of tourists

And the Sphinx with the broken nose. I was a bit disappointed on the pictures she seems to be much bigger then in reality.

You can read about the whole excursion in my blog COUNTRIES & CITIES

more participants here


  1. A wonderful sight to have seen & experienced, I'm sure!

  2. It will have to wait awhile before I get my chance to visit Egypt. This year I am staying home in the Netherlands and do some sights here. We have never done that before!

  3. I have always wanted to go. Unfortunately, it is not safe for American's anymore. Maybe someday before I die.
    Your pictures are wonderful!

  4. I would like to see them someday.

  5. What an amazing adventure that must have been. I'm sure it was fun to share with your friend, too. Great photos.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Did you climb to the top of one of the pyramids?

  7. One of a kind experience!

  8. Great photos. Brings back memories of my trip there.


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