22 Apr 2019


Where is Isis ???



Weekend April 20

Our garden still looked like winter so I gathered the last energy which was left in me and "planted" flowers in the pots ! To my surprise it went rather quick and in an afternoon it was done with a lot of breaks !

As I hate garden work but love flowers and sit in a nice garden, I put the fake flowers from last year in the pots, some I had to replace because they had lost colors with the hot and sunny summer we had last year. Now it looks colorful !

On Easter Sunday I expected my son with family and I decorated the garden in the morning. I hang fake eggs in the shrubs and hedge, made a Easter bouquet and hid Toby's gift in a basket in the garden.

The Easter table

Toby searched for eggs and chocolate bunnies and a gift of course. I had bought a training football. He was very happy with that.

After lunch we went to visit Mr. G. in his reeducation center.

As he had his birthday last week, he got a beautiful Swatch watch, which besides measuring how many kilometers you walk, your blood pressure, heart beats and ALSO shows the time and date, as birthday gift from his dear son, and in order not to be short on T-shirts 3 more T-Shirts. Now he really has enough. Toby and Mum read a bit, I listened to the explanations for the watch. Then we had a birthday cake, fortunately I had brought paper plates with me and also glasses, only the cutlery I had forgotten.

Late afternoon we returned home and then they continued to Amsterdam and I fell half dead on the sofa. It had been a little bit too much for me.


Andrew said...

The weather certainly looks nice and how good is your Easter table!

Maribeth said...

Goodness Mr. G. has lost quite a bit of weight. The weather looked very good. I'm glad that Easter was a nice one. We had rain most of the day, and then sun the last few minutes!

Loree said...

Hope you have recuperated now. I did not realise Mr G is still not back homw. Hope he will be better soon. Looks like you had a nice, sunny Easter. Ours was very windy and humid so it felt a bit cold. I am sure it will warm up soon enough.

Wendy said...

I'm not surprised you were worn out after all that work but the garden looked lovely and I'm sure Toby appreciated your efforts. I hope the visit cheered Mr G up too.

Fun60 said...

Your garden looked very colourful with all your Easter decorations. No wonder you were exhausted with so much to organise.

pilch92 said...

Isis is a cutie. I am glad Mr. G had a good birthday despite not being home.

William Kendall said...

You were busy!