12 Oct 2018


With the word "praise" I immediately thought of what nice inventions we have today in our households compared to what our grandmothers or mothers had.

For example we have a robot called Oscar for mowing the lawn ! Each time I see it moving across the lawn in no special order like a human would do, I praise the fact that I can sit there on my terrace, see it working and surf a little on my computer, which also is a big help, especially when it comes to shopping !

Another great invention is the dishwasher which I praise when my guests are gone the stomachs filled and I only have to put the dishes in the machine and push a button, which is terribly tiring. Cat Arthur uses it only when it's empty !

And when I think of my mother who all two weeks carried from the basement a huge pot and cooked the laundry ! Then she had to take the wet laundry out of the pot,  which was very heavy and put it in a spindryer (already a progress), to get rid of most of the water. In fact the whole day was dedicated to the laundry and in the evening mother fell half dead in her bed.

I instead am a genius ! I mow the lawn while sitting at my computer, before I had just pushed on the button of the dishwasher and on the button of the washing machine (previously loaded with dirty laundry) and do all three things at the same time. I am not especially tired from all this work,

I even can still put flour, oil and water in the bread baking machine and bake a fresh bread ! And all this without getting a burn out of too much work !

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Isn't that wonderful ? An easy life thanks to all these machines I praise the inventors !!


  1. It's true, there are so many great inventions that we benefit from, and sometimes take for granted which previous generations didn't have. We are very fortunate in many ways!

  2. My grandparents had a washing machine after the war. When they immigrated some years later, they gave it to my grandmother's mother, who had always washed by hand. She vowed not to use it. Inside of three weeks she was using it.

    I wonder what Arthur thinks of the robot lawn mower.

  3. I think dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions. I can't live without it! Well, maybe I can...but it's gonna be a pain without :-)

  4. We have much to be thankful for.

  5. lol nice take on the prompt. We certainly have it a lot easier than previous generations.

  6. I am a great fan of skype so that I can 'see' my family and chat, another wonderful invention.

  7. What a fun and creative way to write on the prompt. Photos and captions that perfectly illustrate the point. Cute cat, too!

  8. What a creative and inventive way of writing on the prompt. Your photos and captions perfectly fit the topic. Cute cat, too!


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