12 Oct 2018


The week started with some rain, not enough for the grass and trees, too much for me ! I finished my St.Peterburg post with Petershof and Hermitage, which took me the whole morning.

In the afternoon I went again Sofa hunting, but didn't find those I liked so much, they only existed on Internet. On top I can't stand when a salesman is dancing around me and praises the quality of a thing I don't like in the hope that I would change my mind, but I didn't, I became like cat Kim, stubborn.

I decided on black

Fed up I returned home and suddenly I thought what can I risk ordering these sofas on Internet ?? At my age if they last 10 years (that was the guarantee) it would be perfect. The leather seemed good too, I took a deep breath and jumped into the cold water and ordered the two sofas ! First time in my life that I ordered furniture on Internet ! Now I have to wait 3 weeks. They will come from France. My friends had mixed feelings, some approved some said how dare you ... for some people computers and internet are still bewitched things.

For the two old sofas I put an advertising in our Facebook group "Vivre à Waterloo" and 2 hours later a man called me and asked me if they were still available, he needed them for the Boy Scout's Clubhouse, I was pleased that my old sofas would end up as maybe bouncing ball for youngsters ! I had even done a good action and was happy to get rid of that old stuff.

This time Scrabble took place in our house and instead of buying a cake I thought I would serve something different, the girls don't know and bought scones, clotted cream and blackberry jam.

As nobody loved tea, I commited a crime and served coffee instead. They loved it, they had never eaten clotted cream in their life. I had bought it in an English shop, because in a normal shop you don't find it. After scrabble the 3 of them went to the English shop and bought all kind of things I recommended, especially clotted cream !

I was a bit fed up of my Madame Batman bathing suit which I wear each week for aqua gym and thought I have to buy another one, more discreet just to be able to change. I didn't find a real sport bathing suit but one with flowers and when I tried it on at home I found it so nice that I will keep it for the beach in Egypt and take one of my old once to aqua gym !

Summer is back today we have 25°C in October !! Some people think that this never happened, but it did here is the proof : 

On the 11 of October 1969, we had the same temperature at our civil marriage 49 years ago !!

It was our civil marriage. The same day the furniture arrived, we well remember it was hot !!

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diane b said...

Wow what a handsome couple. Happy anniversary. Good luck with the sofas. We bought some very expensive ones when we moved here and I am so disappointed as they are not that comfortable and give me back pain. We even bought them from a store where we tried them out and they seemed comfortable then But a few minutes in a chair isn't the same as a few hours.

William Kendall said...

I admit, I find hovering salespeople to be profoundly irritating.

Barbara H. said...

So fun to see your wedding photo! I have heard of clotted cream but have never seen it. Furniture salespeople are the worst here about hovering and not leaving you alone to look and shop. My only fear with ordering furniture online would be the cost of shipping it back if it's uncomfortable or you don't want it. But hopefully they have provisions for that. I hope it works out great for you! That's so neat that your old furniture has a good home!

Fun60 said...

A cream tea with coffee. Well done for coming up with theidea of swapping tea with coffee. You look very glamourous on your wedding day.

mamasmercantile said...

Those scones looked delicious, I am a great fan of a creamed tea. Happy anniversary.

Wendy said...

49 years is a great achievement but are you planning something special fo next year? I hope the sofas turn out ok and good to know your old ones have found a good home. Cream tea with coffee? Why not! I'm doing a cream tea for lunch on Monday - all the family will be here and my brother and sister-in-law - they are looking forward to meeting all the babies.

Tanza Erlambang - Every Day Issues said...

You are so generous to donate your old sofas.
Your marrieds' photo so great, you look beautiful.

Have a great weekend

Susanne said...

Wow what a lovely couple you made on your wedding day! 49 years!! That is amazing...Congratulations on your anniversary! Glad your old sofas found a home where they will be put to good use. Hope the new ones are exactly what you wanted. I don't think I've ever had clotted cream.

susan said...

How fun that you introduced new food to your friends. I love jam and clotted cream on scones. Now I am hungry!
I order all kinds of things from the internet (mainly Amazon), but never furniture. I haven't had the need. I hope the pieces turn out to be what you are looking for! That was cool that your furniture could be donated to a charity. That does feel good to do something like like.

Maribeth said...

I love the sofas and the picture of you and Mr. G is wonderful! It is cold, wet and gray here. So wishing for warm weather! I have asked for a new chair for my 60th Birthday next month.