22 Jun 2018


The week started with me being completely overworked ! I had to sit and watch a movie while the gardener cut the hedges, and shrubs, pulled out the weeds and they were two to work for 6 hours. Now our garden looks like the one of Versailles or Buckingham Palace ! A part from that while I prepared my photos and posts, the window cleaner took care of all windows in the house. Now I have to pay attention that I don't go through the window door without opening it, because it is so clean !

Our private mini park !

The next day I drove Nicole to the Belgian coast, where she had rented a nice apartment and she had invited me to stay with her 3 days before her family arrived.

Above right the little narrow house on the 3rd floor was our flat, two bedrooms, living room and open plan kitchen. The bay window gave us a beautiful look on the sea !

The living room, kitchen and way to the two bedrooms.

We were quite tired when we arrived around 4.30 pm, although we had almost no traffic. Must have been the air of the sea. Nicole to be sure to sleep well the first night had put earplugs in her ears, that's at least what she thought, but she had put two in one ear and was surprised to hear people speaking outside. I slept like a baby !

The next day we did a little shopping for things we would need, like water, kitchen paper, etc.
Then we stopped in a little restaurant at the beach and saw that they served very tasteful looking chips ! We couldn't resist, had both a rather big portion and an ice cream as desert.

We walked along the seaside and had a coffee in a nice café with very comfortable chairs and sofas and stayed there the whole afternoon on the beach.

In the evening we were too tired to watch TV and went early to bed.

In the morning we expected a friend from France whom we had met in Egypt in our hotel and we became friends. She lives near the Belgian border and was only 45 min away from us.

She arrived around 10 and we spent the whole day together.

We had mussels with chips in a little restaurant, a Dame blanche (French, "white lady") is the name used in Belgium for a sweet dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, and warm molten chocolate. It tasted delicious !

The whole afternoon we were "hanging" around on the sofas of the beach restaurant and enjoyed the sunshine. It was very windy, but as we were well protected it was nice and warm.

Our friend left late afternoon to return home to France and we stayed home and observed the high waves from our bay window. 

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Andrew said...

I am envious. Look at the lady of leisure in the last photo.

Maribeth said...

What wonderful vacation pictures. I am making mussels tomorrow for our dinner. We both love them! No chips for me! I am doing well-losing weight. Enjoy your weekend!

Wendy said...

Looks like you were having a lovely time.

Tamago said...

Wow, the apartment and the area look so beautiful. What a fun you got together with the friend you met in Egypt! Have a great weekend xo

Jo said...

Wow, what amazing holiday pictures. Friends, food, sunshine and the beach. What more can you want?

Barbara H. said...

What a lovely week! How nice to have garden people and window people take care of those tasks for you. Your mini-vacation sounds so peaceful.

William Kendall said...

You have been busy! Beautiful shots.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh my what a beautiful place. I can see that you didn't waste any time enjoying it.

Willow said...

What a difficult and busy day you had watching those people work on the landscaping and windows! You needed that beautiful and wonderful time at the Belgian coast! I'm glad you had a great time.

Susanne said...

Look at that gorgeous yard! I need to borrow your window cleaner. I can't seem to get around to getting mine clean. What a nice trip to the coast.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Gosh, that WAS a tough weekend. As I often say, it’s a hard job , but somebody has to do it!