17 Jun 2018


This was a rather busy weekend ! As there is no Waterloo Apero in the park anymore but now in another place, we decided to do our own Waterloo Apero, and at 5 pm we met in a Brasserie called 421. Don't ask me why it's called 421 and not 22 or another number I have no idea.

We were 4 to try to change the world and the men, for 2 hours and then I went home, only to notice that my man hadn't changed at all ! Neither the world !

Such a little get together amongst women is always nice.

On Saturday morning we drove to Court St. Etienne where the crematorium was located in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful landscape. Mirella our painting teacher's last wish was to be incinerated here.

The building is very modern it was built in 2010 because more and more people want to be incinerated and the Brussels' crematorium had become too small. On the above picture you can see the crematorium and below one of the reception rooms.

There are no religion signs in the whole building, modern paintings were hanging on the walls. Nothing was sad here, to add to the sadness of the family and friends. Each rented room is decorated by the family. They have the choice between all religions or nothing.


a few paintings I saw

Mirella had wanted a very simple ceremony and it was fully respected by her 3 daughters. The music too was wonderful

She had chosen this song.

After coffee, sandwichs and croissants we returned home, while the family and closer friends had to wait for the ashes to be dispersed on the green fields behind. She didn't want an urn.

On Sunday there was a huge flea market in Waterloo !

Lots of games for kids

and a big crowd ! It was nice and warm and there was a lot to buy ! Nicole tried shoes, I didn't find anything.

Even Napoleon's soldiers did their parade not to the flea market but up and down the street !

 After having walked up and down the flea market, we were thirsty and went into the CafĂ© de Paris, where 4 screens were installed for the football (soccer) game, Germany against Mexico.

The whole town is in football (soccer) fever and  is decorated for the  world cup ! I have never seen so many Belgian flags not even at National Day.  The Belgian "Diables Rouges" (Red Devils) are participating  and are in Russia by now. For me it's hard to understand because neither Mr. G. or I are interested in football, but you can't escape ! It's everywhere ! The good thing is that it brings people together who usually would fight !


Maribeth said...

I love the Crematorium. Very much what I want. I like the simplicity of the service too! Peaceful.
The markets looked like so much fun!

Wendy said...

A busy weekend for sure and yes football is dominating everything at the moment. Cremation is definitely more popular now - who wants a gravestone that needs attention? I certainly don't.

Tamago said...

I am not interested in football, either, or any sports. Though, it is good indeed that it brings people together :-)
looks like it was a lovely and intimate ceremony for your painting teacher. Love the painting you and other students made for her.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like it was a poignant service.