9 Jan 2018


January in general is a rather boring month. There had been too much in December now people rest. I haven't been anywhere since the New Year started because of the bad weather.

So I thought to show you through a potpourri  of Waterloo near Brussels where I live.

The main church where in 1850 the wounded soldiers of the battle were taken care of. There are a lot of British memorial plaques inside.

I saw this fancy artwork in a garden

There was a very important football (soccer) game in Belgium and our city too was decorated for the Belgian team the Red Devils. Therefore the car here has red horns !

Very unusual summer temperatures in April !

The site of the Waterloo battle. Wellington won, but you only see Napoleon !

a lot of works are going on Waterloo seems to be the victim of moles !

The view from my friend Nicole's terrace, I wished spring would arrive !

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Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

It's surprising how surprised one is to see a historical place modern and ordinary - therefore an interesting post.

songbird's crazy world said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

mamasmercantile said...

You took us on a wonderful tour, it was a delight to see a little of where you live.

Wendy said...

Great tour.

Loree said...

It felt like spring had arrived these past three days it was so warm and humid. Not pleasant at all. The humidity is horrible.