8 Jan 2018


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When other countries disappear in tonnes of snow, but at least the sun is shining and the sky blue we are sitting (not dancing) permanently in the rain ! 12 h sunshine in one month, 2 h more then last month ! What a progress !

The result is that I still avoid to go outside because of the humidity. Fortunately it's the use here to invite or visit people to wish a "Happy New Year". My friend Bunny had invited the whole group from our New Year's celebration for a coffee and cake.

Everybody loved her new apartment which is very big and she had decorated it for Christmas in a very tasteful way. All in silver.

Chantal, Mr. G. I, and Nicole and Irene, enjoyed all these cakes !! The lady cutting the cake is nearly 80, has a laptop, a computer with tower and a smartphone ! So there is no excuse for old ladies !

This is the cutest tea maker I have ever seen. First you see only the head sticking in the cup, then after the right time it's taken out and at the end you have a little Japanese doll.

Normally "La fĂȘte des rois" (Three kings day) is on January 6, we celebrated one day before, everybody cuts a slice of a special cake containing a little statue or something else

like this for example

and the one who gets the charm becomes King or Queen. In our case it was Monique who became Queen ! It was a very nice afternoon.

Ilona and I hadn't seen each other since before Christmas so she invited me for a Three Kings cake
As she had eaten a piece for breakfast, she had gotten the little statue which was inside and was the Queen of the day. We had a lot to chat about our New Year celebrations and then her daughter and husband came to wish her a happy new Year. It was funny because Ilona always speaks French, but with her children Flemish (Dutch). I understand Dutch very well but have difficulties to speak, so we had a mixture of French/Flemish, because the daughter also speaks French but the husband less. It was easy, they spoke Flemish I answered in French and vice versa.

They had just come back from one week in Moscow and had celebrated the New Year there. It seems that it is very beautiful town and doesn't look poor at all. The metro is beautiful they said and they preferred Moscow to St. Petersburg. It was very interesting to listen to what they told.

Then I returned home and another day is finished. Tomorrow whole Belgium will go back to normal as the school holidays have ended.


Fun60 said...

Interesting to hear about your 3 Kings cake. Would your day be any different if you had become queen of the day?

Linens and Royals said...

I have never heard of 3 Kings cake but I know I would want to be Queen for the day and would be upset if I didn't have the cake with the Queen in. Today I had lunch with an American, a German and 3 Australians, luckily we all spoke English. Yesterday Sydney was supposed to be the hottest place on the planet with temps. over 47degC. Luckily I live a bit to the south with an ocean breeze.

mamasmercantile said...

Lovely to hear about the 33 Kings cake a wonderful tradition.

Loree said...

Lovely flower for Macro Monday. I like to hear about the traditions you have in Belgium and anything that involves cake will surely interest me.