12 Jan 2018


Grand'Place Brussels

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1. Another week  went by, I get the impression that when Monday starts, a few minutes later it's already Friday. !

Our wifi is still laying on the street, it must be 3 month by now, the permission to open the street is in the hands of the city administration and there of course they work with the efficiency of a racing snail. I only hope that the cable will not break.

2. We started with our scrabble group again, during the two weeks Christmas holidays we were not fresh enough to play on a Monday !! This time it went a bit better with me, I was not the last but the third and we were five.


I found a nice place for the photo frame we have got for Christmas, just at the entrance. It is the official school "portrait" of Toby for the year 2017. He is now 7 !

Our oldest cat (18) choose a strange place for napping at least 23 h per day, the entrance. Maybe she thinks that she is the watch dog cat of the house. Fortunately the doorbell doesn't ring very often, because then she runs away. And it's not the warmest place in the house either !


I had to buy a new coffee machine our old one died ! I bought the same Philips Senseo, but with this new model you can also make a coffee pot for 7 cups, or one cup, or two cups. Very practical. It works with pads. The coffee is very good.  With the old model we only could make 2 cups at one time, which was rather annoying when we had guests.

5. Our painting class has also started again an we were nearly all there. For the moment there is a flu epedemic in Belgium and lots of people are sick. I hope I won't get it anymore, just finished one !

It was nice to meet again and there were a lot to chat about our year's end celebrations !

Now  the days are getting longer, if only the sun would show it's nose !

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Jo said...

I love the skywatch photos at the beginning of your post. The towers lean into the middle of the photo! I hope you cable lasts; Toby looks very cavalier posing for the camera. Is Kim the old kitty at the door? Our oldest (only 12) lies behind sofas and curtains. They feel safer I hope you're over the flu for the rest of the year ! Have a great day. Jo

Faith said...

Your grandson is adorable and so tall!

i hope you get to see some sunshine soon. We had two days of it her in NY and we are having a bit of warmer weather! Yay!!

Oh dear....i hope your wifi gets fixed soon. Thatsno fun not having it!! We are spoiled nowadays huh??!

Happy weekend!

Joyful said...

Interesting post. Your grandson is very cute but I'm surprised your cat sleeps by the door when it is winter outside. I thought I recognized photos of your outdoor space. I'm sorry your wifi is still not fixed and I hope it will happen soon. I have waiting very long time (years and years) for upgraded internet in my building but at least there are no wires on the ground.

Wendy said...

Well I hope you get the sun then you can send it here! Very gloomy day today. I hope your cat is okay. Strange when they change their habits. That's a much more flexible coffee maker. Well done with the scrabble. What language do you play in?

A Colorful World said...

Belgium is so beautiful! I have always wanted to visit there. Lovely photos. I love your new coffee-maker, and what a sweet photo in its frame. Great-looking paintings! Check out my Five this week; I also include a painting.

Barbara H. said...

It does seem like the days are speeding by so quickly. Hope your wifi gets installed soon. That's a cute picture of Toby! Funny about the cat liking to sleep by the door. That's nice to have one coffee maker that will make different amounts. We have one for company which makes 10-12 cups and just a drip thing that sets on top of the cup for one or two cups. Glad your Scrabble and painting groups started up again!

Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

Your red coffee maker looks so cheerful. Lots of flu around these parts as well (been washing my hands like crazy every time I go out). Hope you stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful skies, lovely week. Is the blue kitty painting yours?

peppylady (Dora) said...

The flu is sure going around.
Coffee is on

Lady Fi said...

Love the gold leaf on the Grand palace.

Tamago said...

Stunning sky photos! Entrance seems strange place for napping :-) Maybe she likes sun coming in or of course, she may be determined to be a watch cat!

Linens and Royals said...

Toby looks so relaxed in his school photo and not a uniform in sight!Too much sun and not enough rain here, I will swap for some of your beautiful buildings. Kim, you are being a bit strange, choose a bed to sleep on.

Susanne said...

Oh my goodness Toby has grown! Great school picture. Love the color of the new coffee machine.

Willow said...

A versatile coffee maker is very convenient. And it's red, which just makes it look happy.
Sweet photo of Toby! He looks happy and healthy.