13 Oct 2017


Skies behind grids. Nice skies are missing in this fall weather !

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1. As we were 4 scrabbler, I was the 2nd last or the 2nd first it depends if you think positive or negative. Anyway we had a nice time and a lot of laughter. We also noticed that more and more English words are accepted now in the famous French dictionary "Larousse". One grumbled that French would completely disappear if it continued like that.

2. Sometimes you or rather I need a lazy day, where a part from blogging I watch a movie or two or three. Unfortunately I had to go out our freezer was as empty as my wallet and I had to fill it in.


Each morning when I open my eyes I see Mr. G. face over me asking : "What do we eat tonight" instead of a friendly "good morning" (that happens too of course, he is not that bad) with the result that I could jump at his throat and kill him ! What do I know what to eat in the evening, when I just left dreamland ??

4. My friend Bunny who has moved near us now invited me yesterday for a coffee and we put my pictures of London on her computer. She is a beginner but it worked well, she is 76 and learns quickly which means that age is not an excuse for NOT learning or understanding. I also made her a Facebook page and now she can see what her 13 nieces and nephews are writing and her son too. So far she was frustrated not to know. Curiosity is also a vice which naughty men think to be typical female !

5. I brought my little travel computer to the painting course so that everybody could see the photos from our Exhibition.Now they can choose which one they want. I had just finished when a young lady showed up for a presentation of new pastel painting material. She had opened a new shop, called Pierre-papier-ciseaux (which is the name of a children game) and means Rock-paper-Scissors. She showed us how to use it and it was quite interesting. Apparently it was new and came from the States.

But maybe you know it already. Anyway it is easy to use and looks very good.

Nicole absolutely wanted to eat a steak (I don't know for what she need forces) so 4 of us went with her in a old new restaurant and I have to say it was really good. And as I was out already, I thought I also could go to the hairdresser what I did. Now I have a new head.

Which Rosie reluctantly let me show on her selfie !

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Faith said...

Soinds like you had a fun week!!

Our autumn weather here in New York state ( I am about 2 1/2 hours north of NYCity) has been absolutely perfect....I took many photos on my weekend hikes!!

your new hair cut looks so nice!!

Wendy said...

I'm trying to empty our freezer so that I can defrost it then hubby went and bought quite a bit of fish! I can't complain though as he will probably do most of the cooking of it. Lovely photo of the new hair do and the cat.

Andrew said...

People have told me that we should compile a weekly dinner food menu to stop the 'what do you want for dinner' subject. It is a good idea, but not something I have done.

Our 81 year old friend scrolls away and texts on her phone. My 82 year old mother barely knows what a mobile telephone is.

Lea said...

Fun times with friends!
The first photos look like a big construction project. What are they building?
Have a wonderful week-end!

Photo Cache said...

Rosie look at the camera sweetheart. Have a wonderful weekend.

Worth a Thousand Words

Mara said...

I have just put more food in the freezer, although I really need to defrost it. Mind you, I can use the big chest freezer in the basement, so I don't have to eat everything now! And the basement itself is cold enough to work as a temporary fridge!

A Colorful World said...

Your husband asking you first thing in the morning what will be for dinner just had me chuckling. You must be a very good cook!

Tamago said...

Good for your friend Bunny. My mom is around her age and she is not interested in computer stuff. But my dad got a smartphone this year and I'm glad he did :-) Love your selfie with Rosie!

mamasmercantile said...

It is always a treat to go to the hairdresser, your hair looks lovely. A great photo of you and the sweet cat.

Barbara H. said...

For me it's my youngest son who usually asks what's for dinner, but usually not until some time after lunch. Still, even then I often don't know yet.

We don't eat steak often - trying to reduce red meat consumption - but every now and then it just hits the spot.

Some times it does help to have a day or so away from the blog.

Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

Your new haircut looks great, how kind of the cat to share the camera with you :) Hope you have a great weekend!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Clouds, they look like the ones we have here in Idaho. Coffee is on

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Rosie is so kind to let you photo-bomb her selfie! You both look beautiful!

I agree there really is no excuse not to learn to use all the technology we have available -- and FB is so easy, it is a good starting place. Good for your friend! (My younger grandchildren (21 and 18) told me that they never use Facebook any more -- they said it is really more for the older people (LOL)....

Willow said...

I think you complement Rosie--her selfie looks better with you in it.

Sometimes when I am playing Words with Friends (like Scrabble--on facebook), I will write in a word in Indonesian without thinking. Don't you think that Indonesian words should count in my English game?

I will have to ask my sister in law who paints if she know about those paints you mentioned.

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

How wonderful that your friend at 76 is learning computer stuff. I am getting more and more into putting off thinking what to make for supper. I just can't think of supper while it is yet morning.

Tricky Wolf said...

Lazy days are the best this time of year, in a cozy chair with a good book or film :)