14 Oct 2017


1. O
2. Peuple
3. City & towns

There is no order in my office ! That has to change !

Tourist group in Belfast listening to the guide

Dublin ..... works, works, works

Linking to Eden Hills Photo Hunt


Arthur's garden survey

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Jim said...

Great shots.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

Jo said...

Excllent shots to depict the photo hunt subhjects. Arthur, you are SOOO like Shadow!

Fun60 said...

Looks like Arthur has grown a new leg.

Mara said...

There is one place in my home where I never have to dust: Miss Oswin sits there and when she sees something outside that catches her attention, her tail will just swish back and forth! Very important to keep your eye on outside!

Tamago said...

I like order but the house sometimes gets quite order-less :-)
Love the reflection of Arthur on the glass!

Jim said...

(Texas Jim)
Poor Arthur. But I don't supposet a messay office bothers him as long as the couch is clear. Mine is messy too, pictures not allowed. ThanKs for the Dublin picture, I'd love to be there again.

mamasmercantile said...

Arthur is always a joy, loved the photo with the reflection.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

My office needs more order, too! I was at first confused by your tourist group picture and how it related to purple, but then I realized that the lady is wearing a purple jacket! Silly me! Lovely pictures of Arthur!