10 Oct 2017


Every two years the city of Waterloo organizes an "Artist tour" which allows leisure or professional artists to expose their art in different places of the city, private houses, or in halls, in exhibition centers etc. So this weekend I was busy with our exposition, which took place in our usual room.

For the beginning we had to find a nice poster, and our teacher came up with a great idea, she made a huge puzzle and gave each of us a piece where we had to paint something on. Then she collected the painted pieces and it gave this result !

The puzzle was put together each piece randomly

Then came my turn with the practical informations.

On Friday we spent the whole afternoon hanging up the paintings and for this purpose panels were installed. We had some men in our group, but over the years they are gone or not able anymore to carry heavy things. We hired a young student who did the hard work for us.

When all paintings had been on the panels and tables, Annie added her self made bouquets to give a cheerful touch.


And so looked the room when nobody was there

Sunday the day started very well for me, first I got up too late which usually never happens,  so I missed the beginning, then looking down on my bag I noticed that I had no shoes on but my red white dotted slippers ! I asked what I should do, after everybody had laughed enough, they said I could keep them nobody would notice, but I thought Mr. G. will come anyway so he can bring me my shoes. I called him and explained which one. The result was that Mr. G. arrived with a huge bag full of shoes, pretending that he didn't know which pair I wanted to wear ! Men ....

The problem with the shoes solved, I walked visitors from panel to panel or table,

Here is Nicole showing the paintings to her daughter and granddaughter.

I tried to sell some stones transformed into cats, but due to the economical crises not one was sold !

My friend Annie who had painted the horses had sold them all ! We all agreed they are really beautiful !

When I came home at 7 pm I was exhausted !

more participants here


Tamago said...

The room got decorated so nicely with great art works! I agree the paintings of horses are really beautiful.
Too funny Mr. G brought you a bag full of shoes :-)

carol l mckenna said...

What a fun time and so many creative items ~ delightful photos ~ ^_^

A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful and artistic.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh the Exhibition Hall looked wonderful -- love the puzzle poster but it is lucky you have the talent to add the practical information! Well worth it to hire a young person to do the heavy lifting.

Your shoe story made me laugh! yep. (Although with that beautiful red blouse, the slippers might just have looked fine ;>) (LOL)>..

Fun60 said...

The poster was a very clever idea. You made me laugh with the slipper story.

Linens and Royals said...

If I had been there I would have bought some stone cats!!

mamasmercantile said...

Shame about your stones, maybe next time. An amazing exhibition some great artists.

Lady Fi said...

What lovely art work!