31 Oct 2017


I spent a few days with my son's family in Amsterdam /Ijburg. Ijburg belongs to Amsterdam but is so  different from the city as an apple and an egg. While Amsterdam is full of history and old houses and nice shops, Ijburg is young, very young, nearly a baby. The first residents moved into their houses in November 2002 !

If I could fly, from above it would look like that

When I arrive at the bridge I know that I am almost there

The first thing you have to pay attention when you enter Ijburg are the bicycles. There so many and most of them I had never seen in my life. To carry around  3 to 5 children you don't use a car but a bike. Cars are banned in Amsterdam. Bikes are the kings ! The parking spaces even in front of your own house are so  expensive that visitors have to leave their cars outside Amsterdam and take a taxi or  a tram to go to their family or friends. 2.50 € per hour is normal it can go up of course in some areas you pay until 5 € per hour. Now all this is very nice for the environment, but not for a poor vintage lady like me who sat on a bike at least 30 years ago and is used to drive everywhere by car. There are good transport links to Ijburg but if you don't have a weekly ticket or something one ride is also very expensive.

For bikes there is no parking fee, so all along the street you see bikes and bikes. Some families own up to 5 bikes.

Definitively this area is not for elderly people to live.

It is really only suitable for young couples with or without children. Above 50 or 60 it becomes difficult to live there, if you are in a good shape and you can still climb 3 to 4 floors up to the bed or bathroom, then it's OK. You can't be too big either because the stair cases are rather narrow too. The houses are all narrow and high, due to the fact that there is not very much space.

There are many bridges

and the houses look almost all the same

square like boxes and flat roofs

Some people had planted flowers in front of their entrance which gave this kind of ghetto a cheerful touch.

To me it looks like a town of the future, definitively ultra modern. There are lots of sport fields and Fitness clubs, you find from Yoga to football everything, but .... no shop ! Nothing, but a beautiful beach !  Since a few month one bakery has opened near my son's house where I could walk,  otherwise there is no shop at all, you would starve if you can't ride a bike or take a tram ! But  fortunately there are ... lots of restaurants !

Toby and I had lunch here at the beautiful habour, which of course in summertime is very crowded.

Where is my bicycle ?

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Fun60 said...

A very interesting insight into that new suburb of Amsterdam. Like you say I don't think it is a place for us to live. Never seem bikes likevthat family one before.

Jo said...

OMW That's a lot of bicycles in the last photo! Is Ijburg where they have always lived or have they just moved there? Definitely a young a modern town. Did you eventually use a bicycle to the mainland?

Lady Fi said...

It looks like a pretty town.

Linens and Royals said...

What a great place to live. So interesting and different. I don't think anyone would become too large for the stairs, riding all your children about by bike would keep everyone fit.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of the place. I like the aerial view.

Lea said...

Very different!
Hopefully when the trees grow larger, some of the sharp edges of the buildings will be softened. And everyone should plant more flowers! That would help to make it more pleasant
Have a wonderful week!

mamasmercantile said...

The last photo of all the bicycles was an eye opener so many bicycles, how on earth do you find yours...so many beautiful touches and the harbour was a delight. But not for me Gattina I prefer the more traditional.

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, Gattina, I thought we saw plenty of bicycles in The Netherlands when we were there years ago, but this is amazing.
I am not sure how I would feel about Canadian parents carrying five children on a bicycle, but of course Canadian bicycles wouldn't be able to handle them.
Thanks for the interesting photos!
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