30 Oct 2017


Toy cat mother with kitten (looks so true but is very small)


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After the few days spent with Toby, I left a day earlier, because it was decided that he wanted to play with his friends at the day care in the morning. I was less convinced when I saw his face, but I thought it's better to leave in this case. Instead of Saturday morning I left Friday. My way home was smooth and without any problem. But as soon as I arrived in the main street of Waterloo, the whole city center was barricaded and police and special units armed til the end of their hairs waved the cars into other directions.

I immediately thought that their was an attack, and as I am curious I tried to get nearer to see a bit more but unfortunately it was impossible. I looked on my smartphone and read that a suspicious suitcase had been found between the school and the church and that's why the whole center was barricaded. The church was empty anyway and the school too as the students had a day off, while the teachers were in a pedagogic meeting in a restaurant as it was lunch time.  

Slowly we are coming to a point that only a few panic, the others went in the next cafĂ© had a beer discussed attacks and waited until the street was free. Better so. I arrived home and found my little cats almost where I had left them  !

Nothing special had happened in the meantime. 

A friend had given me 6 eggs, from her chickens, they were special, they were blue green ! Funny to see, time saving for Easter

In our garden the mushrooms continue to invade, they are so disgusting and grow so quickly. Nearly each day Mr. G. has to pick them up. Apparently we are not the only one, my neighbors and others also complain about this mushroom invasion !

Besides in the shops there is very little decoration at the houses or in the gardens.

As last year I hadn't done anything this year I decorated a bit the entrance and bought sweets because last year when I thought nobody would ring at the door there were several children. Therefore Mr. G. bought sweets, at least we are equipped, otherwise we have to eat them ourselves !

I even found my witch from at least 6 years ago

and then when everything was finished, we closed the garden too !


Jo said...

LOL I love the last image of a woman in tears! The cats look so real. I thought it was Rosie but wondered when she'd had a kitten! I' glad to see Mr G using gloves to pick up those mushrooms. They can be poisonous even to touch.

namaki said...

Nice serie !! I like the cats ;-)

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry your trip was shortened. What a fright to have the area barricaded off, we live in a strange world where attacks are so frequent and devastating.

Wendy said...

A shame you came home early and got caught up in the security issue. I expect the owner of the misplaced suitcase would have been embarrassed by all the attention unless it was actually a security problem. Our clocks changed this weekend so now it gets darker earlier. I will be glad when they change again in spring even though we lose an hour then.

carol l mckenna said...

Great post ~ favorite are the cats ~ real and not real ~ very creative ^_^

love and light,
A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bettyl-NZ said...

Great photos! It's always sad when you have to put away the garden tools.