7 Aug 2017


The weekend was quiet, nothing special happened. Each day I have to vacuum (but with a little hand cleaner) cat Kim's hairs ! I think if she continues like that she will be bald in a near future, but it doesn't look like because her hairs are still growing ! She would be a very lucrative sheep ! And she is the only one who makes me work.

I did some window shopping too, because I got bored at home and it was too cold to sit outside. I went to my favorite boutique "Celebrity" and they still had things on sale. I bought a beautiful blouse, just to comfort myself because of this lousy "summer" weather.  When I came out of the boutique, I saw two young girls walking by and first didn't pay very much attention.

But then a tall policeman appeared in full motorbike outfit and closed helmet. He looked a bit unreal. Of course I stopped and wanted to know what he wanted from these girls, but he waved me away as if I was an annoying insect, this gesture made me stand still on purpose, so he said a bit more friendly, that I could continue. I went further and watched them. The girls talked and opened their purses, he looked inside and suddenly a policecar came with 2 other policemen. I thought if they need already 3 policemen for 2 young girls, how many do they need for a real criminal, no wonder that the city taxes are so high ! Finally they all disappeared, the 2 policemen in their car, the motor guy on his cycle and the girls continued their way. Apparently no terrorists ! But at least the police has fulfilled their duties to protect us. (?!)

Sunday it was a little warmer and I could sit outside. I had prepared and bought everything I needed for Claudie's visit, she will arrive Monday late afternoon. Claudie I have known through blogging in 2007, she lives in the South of France and ever since we visit each other for a week or more. This time it will be quite a shock for her because it is unusually hot where she lives they had temperatures to nearly 40°C while I am happy if we have 20° and I need a carigan. Fortunately there is quite a lot going on in Brussels this week, so we will be very busy.

I am trying to put old pictures on the computer in folders. The first Album fell in my hands was one from 1978

This has been our garden 39 years ago, a paradise for children. A field behind to play. Here is our son a little younger than his son today.

The same garden looks like this today ! Houses have been built, hedges and shrubs separate the properties, the field doesn't exist anymore there are houses now ! The swing was there were today the garden shed stands. But at least during more than 40 years we lived on the country side, I even had once a cow looking in our living room. 


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Andrew said...

So interesting to look at old photos of your garden, and the open space around your house. Talking to young girls on the street might be a slightly more useful than checking old ladies for explosive powder.

carol l mckenna said...

Gorgeous macro photography the beautiful roses ~ ^_^

Tamago said...

I wonder what brought 3 policemen to those young girls!
The view of your garden looks very different then and now. There are many new homes being built in the area behind our house. I hope the neighborhood won't get too populated.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Old photos are such treasures.

Anonymous said...

I would miss all of that open space you had but the yard looks great and your roses are beautiful. - We have the same kind of policemen here. So many times you see them doing such trivial things. Meanwhile down the road a bank is being robbed.

krishna said...

Photos are real treasure...

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I can't imagine you being bored at home when you have so much going on there with your cats and putting your fun old photos in albums (are you scanning everything?) and so forth -- but I too don't like to stay home every day.... so I do understand. (I just don't ever get much done on the days I do stay home, so I might just as well go out!0

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

PS: I was thinking that the police had stopped the girls because they suspected shop-lifting. I never even thouoght about terrorism. I forgot where you lived .