4 Apr 2017


Around the Hougoumont farm where Napoleon lost the Waterloo battle against Napoleon, during this weekend an old village was built. Of course not in stone but in white tents ! Over a hundred fans of the battle, wore the historical civil clothes of 1815 to share with the public their passion. For the first time, I haven't seen a single soldier but all kind of civil costumes of the battle time ! 

There were many craftsmen : basket maker, tailors, stonecutters, blacksmith, knife maker etc and also corset makers, lace maker, and cooks

I missed the storyteller, singers, dancers and musicians because it was just lunch time, but I saw bowling and cricket games.

They were all sitting around and enjoyed the meal from this time. As I didn't want to look to close into their plates, I saw that it was mostly roasted chicken, sausages and ham and potatoes.

The "restroom" was just behind the tables

The first tourists arrived, Dutch and English and a few Germans

The ladies in their costumes. Here you can see that it is only a reconstitution because the man had cleared the table and carried the plates to be washed. At that time a man would never had done this !

It was a very cheerful atmosphere

There were also 3 horses and from time to time somebody rode them around

the blacksmith at work

from a few cords by turning a thick rope was made

Inside the courtyard of the Hougoumont farm, your can see the chapel which had burnt during the battle.

hot pants

All you can eat


and the memorial for the British soldiers who fought here under Wellington. The memorial was inaugurated by Prince Charles during the bicentenary of the battle in 2015.

more participants here


lotusleaf said...

It must have been great fun ! I wish they had constructed a few cottages too.

Linens and Royals said...

I can only hope you didn't need to use the 'restroom'. You live in such an interesting part of the world.

Andrew said...

A nice selection of photos. The rope making looks interesting. I have never seen that done.

Loree said...

These types of re-enactments are interesting because we are able to see how life used to be. They are becoming popular everywhere. We have some here too. Every April there is a Medieval Mdina weekend with people dressed in medieval costumes and doing re-enactments like dying from the plague and so on.

Lady Fi said...

What a wonderful event.

Jo said...

It sure all looks cheerful ! The hot pants and other laundry on the line was interesting to see!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I would like to see a historical re-enactment.
Coffee is on

Amy at love made my home said...

What a fascinating visit! So much to see, I am sure you enjoyed it!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I just love stuff like this -- such a fun and painless way to learn history. Thank you for showing us. (I'm glad to see those 'hot pants' in context. I did wonder before.