29 Dec 2015


If you are living in a country where houses and streets are decorated for Christmas, where you see Christmas trees on every corner and beautiful decorations everywhere, then please don't go to Amsterdam because you will get a nervous breakdown !

We went on Christmas day to the Amsterdam center, because there should have been a light festival and a Christmas market.

To park in Amsterdam is a luxury ! 35 € (38 $) per day. We found a parking space but even on holidays you have to pay. At least in Brussels on the street you don't pay nothing on holidays and Sundays.

During walking for a while, I tried to find some Christmas decoration and to take pictures, but there was nothing !

The promised lights on the canals weren't there. (Today I read that it had been canceled)

The Christmas market was a few stalls, nothing to do with the German Christmas markets or our Christmas market in Brussels with 230 stalls ! It was very disappointing !

It had started to rain and it was very windy so we had a coffee in a cute little bar, where it was cozy and warm.

and going to the toilet besides the steps this cute cat was sleeping on a chair and everybody could pet him.

We were happy when we arrived home and it was nice and warm and the Christmas tree was shining !

Conclusion Amsterdam is certainly a beautiful and interesting city but not for Christmas ! It must be the only capital in Europe which has such poor Christmas decoration.

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Andrew said...

That is a shame about Amsterdam. It certainly is not my favourite northern European city.

Mary said...

Why were the lights canceled? That is so sad! Amsterdam looks like such a beautiful city.

Fun60 said...

It is a surprise to hear of a European capital that is not covered in Christmas decorations.

Klara said...

ha, that is a surprise - I would have thought that they have a big Christmas market.

colleen said...

Love the lights, red and canals. I've been there once but not at Christmastime.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

The year Amsterdam skipped the CHristmas Lights. Sounds like a good mystery story to me. lol Happy New Year!
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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I wonder why? Even at our old age I still love Christmas lights.

TheChieftess said...

I'm surprised that there were no Christmas lights...and why were they cancelled along the canal? How sad...