31 Dec 2015


This week is rather special, I feel as if I am on holidays without being on holidays. After Christmas people are running around to get rid of unwanted Christmas gifts, too narrow clothes (or too large), smartphones and tablets etc. In Belgium there is only one Christmas day, the 26 is a normal day and all shops open. Therefore there were many people in the center.

I had nothing to change only food to buy. I met with Nicole for lunch and then we had coffee at her home. Charlie greeted me with enthusiasm !

Ever since Nicole has fallen on her knees and has a muscle contortion under her ribs, (first they thought a rib was broken) she has difficulties to hold big Charlie on a leash. It hurts when he pulls a little bit and if he would see a cat it would be the catastrophe !

So she was walking very slowly and Charlie trotted besides her, not very happy when suddenly three about 12 year old boys approached and asked if they could help and hold Charlie's leash. Nicole was so surprised by the kindness of these boys, and  of course agreed. The boys walked Charlie and Nicole walked slowly behind, keeping an eye on them. They didn't want any money, Nicole had offered them a little bit for buying chocolate or something. I found this really very nice such things don't happen so often.

I observed in town that there are a lot of Miss Marples walking around and checking the prices in the shops. In Belgium "Sale" is only allowed twice a year in summer and now in winter from the 1st January on. Some of them have paper and pencil and write down the price of an item they like but wouldn't buy because they will wait for sales ! Some shop owners increase the prices before Christmas and drop them to normal after the first with a big label "Sales" ! Apparently some people think that when there is a sign "Sales" it is automatically cheaper !

Therefore the shops are full but nobody buys anything, the big rush will be on the 2nd when people storm the shops to make a bargain ! I saw many winter coats or jackets which hadn't been sold due to the unusual warm weather.

Sales !

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Jo said...

LOL. People so often are caught with the "sale" tag! I like that the three boys offered to walk Charlie and for nothing. There is still good in this world. We also seem to be in limbo between Christmas and New Year. This is our first time "at home" since 2010. On the mines in Africa you only have Christmas day off and then it's back to work! Have a WONDERFUL New Year. (((Hugs))) Jo

Mara said...

Over here there are two days of Christmas and followed by a Sunday as well, it meant people hadn't been able to get to the shop for three and a half days (Christmas Eve the shops close at 2pm). It was heaving in town. Now we're in for another day and a half of it before normal life takes over again.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - interesting to know about the festive dates - or not as the case may be. Then the sale dates - that might well make sense ... do we get a bargain or not - questionable .. but with no winter - the winter coat sales should do well.

Lovely about Charlie and Nicole, how kind and unexpected .. as you say. Love the photo - cheers Hilary

Mary said...

Very interesting about the sales in Belgium. any time there's a holiday here, there's a sale.

Fun60 said...

Happy new year. No fireworks for you tonight. After last year I won't be going into central London to see the fireworks this year as now you must have a ticket!

Loree said...

Sales only twice a year? I don't like that. In the US, they have sales all the time - and they are real sales. Over here, it depends. Sometimes, as you say, shops increase their prices and then sell items on 'sale' for the original price. Not nice. Have a happy new year.

Sasha said...

That is amazing that sales are under control. Here in Australia sales are allowed whenever a retailer wishes. There are commonly post Christmas sales, but you see the sale sign on goods at any time. I also get a constant battery of sales offers from online retailers. I am amused at your comment on the ill fitting clothes gifts. One friend gave me underwear in three different sizes, only one of which fits me. Unfortunately there are no tags and it cannot be returned. A complete waste of money.

Betty said...

That was so kind of those boys to offer to walk the dog.

I'm not a big clothes shopper. I just buy what I need and if it happens to be on sale that's even better. Any time I wait for a sale I miss out because my size is gone, or the color I wanted it gone, etc.

Have you heard about the black Friday sales in the states? It used to be the day after Thanksgiving the stores would open real early (5 AM or so). Now they open on Thanksgiving Day and stay open all night and the next day. They'll have really great deals and some people end up camping out on the sidewalk in front of the store. Not my idea of fun!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That was very sweet of those boys to walk your friend's dog. Their parents raised them well. Cheers to our new trip around the sun!
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