20 Sept 2015


Since a week I have stopped smoking. Nothing very important, but I have to mention it on my blog, for myself. Anyway I had already "stopped" 4 years ago I mean inhaling the smoke, so that when I forgot to light a cigarette when I was ill last week, I didn't even realize.

I started smoking in 1989 when I was 46, I had never really smoked before. Yes of course sometimes during a party but I had never been what you call a "smoker". Everybody around me stopped and I started. The fact that smoking was suddenly a crime and that you became an outsider didn't bother me at all. It was so touching when people I had never seen were concerned about my health !

Now this is over, nobody will talk to me on the street or at the bus stop very concerned about my health and that I should stop smoking, I will feel very much alone.

I quit for a simple reason, I just blow smoke in the air by habit, it wasn't necessary, I wasn't dependant on Nicotine. Now I have to take other habits, but that's not a problem. I see it the positive way. No standing outside in the cold, and the most important, my wallet feels it very much !

Please refrain from congratulations, because there is nothing to congratulate. You could also send me condolences. It depends if you smoke or not !

I have entered the empire of non smokers, the perfect people who will live without disease until at least 100 while the smokers probably make it to 102 !


  1. What other habit could you take up? Gin?

  2. I hope you are putting the money you save into a little box called 'Extra Holidays'

  3. Aha Fun60 has a good idea to save the money! I had to laugh: yes, non - smokers (I'm one) will live to 100 but smokers to 102! You have so many good interests, you won't even miss the little white pipe. LOL.

  4. It's been 16 years for me. I admit, I still miss it. Now I spend that money on Savannah and soon her baby brother.

  5. Ooh, you were a late starter! I tried it twice and never really got the taste for it.

    I like the suggestion of gin as a replacement. Or just a gin bottle with ordinary water in? Just to be on the safe side when driving...

  6. You can use the money to buy a special treat for Arthur :) He looks like a cat that needs regular treats.

  7. Hi Gattina - that's brilliant - well done ... I'm sure you'll feel easier as time passes. Cheers Hilary


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