18 Sept 2015


1. This week was rather boring because I had to recover from this strange infection I caught heaven knows where and I still have to take the antibiotics which switched me to (very) slow motion ! What I did was dragging myself from computer to TV and the other way around.

2. Each time I saw me in a mirror I got a nervous breakdown. My hair had grown and I looked like a witch only the broom was missing. I called my hairdresser got an appointment and had my hair cut. With a new head and a better mood I returned home.

3. I had to buy litter for my cats because when it rains they fear for their botties and prefer to use the litter box instead of going outside. On my way back I stopped at Nicole's whose heating was just repaired, she had a leak of gas which could be very dangerous. We had a drink together and complained about the naughty weather.

4. My vacuum cleaner went on strike, the motor got hot and the cable too so before it exploded I brought it back to the shop. It was still under warranty  until October 9,  so it had chosen the right moment not to die on October 10 ! The salesman was very friendly he gave me a new one a more recent model for the same price and a new warranty too, so I am OK again for the next 2 years !
Normally a vacuum cleaner should last longer but if I get a new one every two years I certainly don't complain !!


When I wanted to drive my car out of the garage, cat Arthur was sitting on the roof. He didn't move and I drove with him outside, he only jumped down (very offended) when I closed the garage door with the remote control.

In my painting class I started for the 3rd time a painting on the same canvas, but I think this time it will be the last ! I intend to finish this painting !

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Jo said...

Oh, I'm so glad you feel better and got out to your classes. Best medicine! I laughed about the vacuum cleaner. I refuse to have anything to do with mine; Erica (house lady) uses it and if it gets full or would give trouble, that's Rina's baby! She's good with such things. She even vacuumed when we did our own housework in August! Have a great weekend. xx

Maribeth said...

My vacuum up and died, so we bought a new "Super Vacuum". It's okay. If only they made vacuums that did the work itself as well as decided when it was needed. If I ever had one of those small ones that does vacuum alone, the dogs would chase it down and kill it.
Gute Besserung!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're still not feeling well! Hopefully the antibiotics will do their work soon.

It's nice when appliances start falling apart before the warranty is up instead of after. Glad you got a new one!

I have been wanting to get a haircut all week but it didn't happen. Hopefully next week!

Claire Justine said...

Aww, I hope you are feeling a lot better now. I hate it when you need a hair cut and then I always feel better when it has been done too :)Think I'm ready for a new look..

Anonymous said...

A haircut is good medicine. Hope you're feeling much better. Wow, an item that quit while under warranty!

Vanessa Morgan said...

Maybe the cat wanted to drive the car ;-)
Have a lovely Caturday.

Karen said...

There's nothing like a good haircut to lift one's spirits. How fun that you're taking a painting class!

Susanne said...

Hopefully those antibiotics get rid of that infection in spite of making you tired. I always feel better after a haircut too! So glad nothing bad happened with that leaking gas at your friends! That is scary. Enjoy that once again new vacuum! :P

Anonymous said...

How nice that a simple haircut can improve your outlook! No broom needed, but a new vacuum cleaner is a pretty good deal :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope your painting is up to your satisfaction this time. I am in awe that you are able to express yourself through painting.

How nice to have a drink out in order to break up your boring week and to have a companion to complain about the weather.And I am glad that there wasn't a dangerous ending to Nicole's gas leak.

Take care and get WELL this week.

Willow said...

Is that your cat painting? I like it!
I hope you feel better this week and that Arthur the cat doesn't take revenge for your moving his napping spot.