6 Sept 2015


Sometimes my nights are very agitated. Not like you might think, but according to my vintage age !

Yesterday night I woke up because I heard a loud snoring in my room ! I was a bit surprised, because Mr. G. doesn't snore anymore since he started to talk and fight with to me unknown people and that in all languages. Old cat Pookie too has started to curr like a pigeon in her dreams, it's a strange noise for a cat,  I wonder if she was dreaming to be amongst pigeons.

While trying to switch on the light,  I knocked over the water bottle on my bedside table. It wasn't closed properly so when the light went on, a big puddle was in front of my bed ! I jumped over it and checked on my two noise makers,  although talking and meowing they slept peacefully. I listened to the mumbling human, but unfortunately I couldn't understand a word.

After some investigations I found out that the snoring came from my closet. I opened it and saw cat Arthur deeply sleeping on my pajamas and snoring like a power saw ! Amazing what a loud noise came out of this compared to a human' size  rather small cat ! He didn't even wake up ! I had to touch him then he stopped, opened one eye and continued to sleep. This time without snoring.

Then I went to the kitchen to take a cleaning rag to wipe up the water in my room. Unfortunately one of my cats had barfed on the tiles and of course I had to step in it ! Some unladylike words escaped from my mouth and I hobbled into the bathroom to wash my feet. Finally I returned to bed, sighed and tried to fall asleep again which I apparently did, because when I woke up again, it was morning.  

That's exactly how Arthur snored !


  1. I am sorry - but I can't help laughing at this! Poor you, adventures in the night indeed.

  2. OH MY WORD! That's amazing. I love the way you had all sorts of tumbles with water bottle and listening to the mumbling human! I just LOVE Arthur and his snoring. I'm posting about a snoring dog tomorrow - what a coincidence. Skabenga sounds like he has a chest problem!

  3. Arthur has to be the funniest cat ever :) Our cat used to snore too, and really loudly. She was hilarious.

  4. Oh, that was a rough night! I hope you took a nap to make up for it.

  5. You make me laugh ... vintage age night-time adventures! I'm surprised Arthur's snoring didn't scare you -- monsters in the closet were one of my imaginary fears as a child.

  6. Well, no boring times at your house, it seems...lol...

  7. First too much meowing and now snoring! where will it all end?


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