4 Sept 2015


1. The whole last week I was very upset with our internet connection and my old little travel notebook, I had to use because my computer is getting repaired, the keyboard didn't work anymore. I have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks until I get it back. On Sunday evening I was ready to throw the thing against the wall. It still had Window XP and I couldn't even get into our bank account.

I told Mr. G. that I will buy a new one. He was delighted ! He loves to install programs and make it work. I could buy a new computer every week !

2. First thing I did on Monday morning I went to the shop and bought a new one !

and here it is, a little Asus ! Arthur presents it to show the size. The only color they had, was red and that was even better ! As Mr. G. was playing cards on Monday afternoons, I turned around the unpacked computer, hold it in my hands and found it so light ! Almost like a tablet.

3. Patience is not one of my qualities, so I thought I just will switch it on to see how it works. And as it started with showing instructions, I just continued, it went on without any problem. When Mr. G. came back he made eyes like my cat Rosie when she sees a mouse and was a little disappointed that I had already started. Then he stole it away from me and fumbled around the whole evening while I was watching a film on TV.

4. Besides some shopping I was busy to install all my files and folders into my new jewel ! The gardener came and trimmed the bushes around the house, autumn is on the doorsteps and it was great time ! With our rollercoaster weather everything has grown so quickly and there was a lot to cut.

In the evening I went with Nicole to the cinema and we watched a very funny French movie with the title "Une famille à louer" (A family to rent). It was the story of a very depressed, very rich man who didn't know what to do the whole day since he had stopped working. The idea came from his butler who suggested him to rent family to get over his depression. The result was hilarious, two noisy children, a messy house and a beautiful mom. Of course there was a happy end and we had a very nice time and laughed a lot. After the cinema we had a drink in a pub.

5. Summer holidays are over and school has started in Belgium. For me too, after two months my painting class started again.

We all were happy to see each other again, although some of my classmates I had met during the holidays. Our coffee break was very long, because we had so many news to exchange !

Nicole and I went to our travel agency and booked 2 weeks in "my" hotel where I go since 7 years for end November to get some sunshine to help us over the dark winter months. 

Late afternoon I drove my neighbor to the hospital for her monthly shot in her eyes. Her view doesn't improve, but doesn't get worse neither and that's for her good news.

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  1. I've never seen a red one. Interesting.

  2. Hi Gattina - I too love the red colour ... so 'you'!! Glad you've booked your holiday once again .. and generally are keeping occupied .. the film sounds fun. Cheers Hilary

  3. A new computer is a lovely thing to own!! Happy days are ahead! My painting class began on Tuesday again but I will not be able to start class until a week after next Tuesday as I will be away again for a few days. I haven't done any painting much this summer but will be taking my paints and brushes with me on my cruise. On sea days I'm to hold a little class for my sisters and mother.

  4. Arthur is once again so obliging. His white fur is perfect next to your red computer. I want a red toaster and now want a red computer to match.

  5. My laptop is an Asus, too! I don't like the learning curve for new technology, but I do like it once I get used to it.

    The film sounds fun! How neat to be back with your painting class.

  6. Red is a wonderful bonus! The cover for one of our IPAds is red and it wakes me up every morning! Arthur makes a lovely computer accessory! You had a busy week and it's nice to have a Holiday to look forward to ( it seems like you always do have one coming up ... I guess we do too in a way... When the weather gets too bad, we are out of here!)

  7. I like your little red computer. So glad you got a replacement. The Mister is a great guy! Sounds like a good movie. School starts here next week. I'm sure you're delighted to attend painting class "school."

  8. Wow, red is a great color for a computer! I haven't seen snazzy colors like that here. I'm like Barbara, I don't like the learning curve on new technology either so tend to hang onto things until they finally die out!

  9. Wow, you were busy this week. Hurray for your new computer--you're a brave person to start on your own!
    People often book their holidays around us for their winter sunshine fix. We don't have as many 'snowbirds' as Arizona, but we do get some.

  10. You had a busy week! yay for the new laptop though and yay for time with friends. the French film sounds great...my oldest daughter would especially love it as she is all about every thing French. :) We go back to school here in New York state on Thursday. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. How fun to be back into your painting classes and to catch up with everyone's news.

    I love your new computer. I have always bought a black one. But I think next time I will see about getting a cheery coloured one. How nice to have someone in your household that enjoys tinkering with technology. But even how much better that you were able to start the install on your own.


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