27 Jul 2015


When I wanted to leave the house to catch the Eurostar to London, it rained so much that Mr. G had to drive me to the Station otherwise I would have been wet like a cat.

But then in London to my surprise the sun was shining ! I had to go to Victoria station to leave my luggage there for the day. Carrying a suitcase up and down the stairs there was no lift, was not an easy task and I told myself I will rather take a bus next time if it would happen again that I had to change the train for Eastbourne.

Around Victoria station was big a mess, two years ago it was bearable but now you need 10 GPS to cross the street and find a bus stop ! A real labyrinth ! And what they are constructing is so ugly, when I think what a beautiful old place it was a few years ago. There were works going on a little everywhere and I did a sightseeing for cranes ! I thought building glass boxes had stopped after the Olympic games, but apparently it goes on.

Then I arrived at Covent garden, a nice place to sit and watch people when the sun is shining.

Of course thousands of people had the same idea as I. I bought a jacket potato with Cheddar cheese and found a chair to sit down.

A group of young musicians played some classical music

My intention was to visit the transport museum, but when I saw the crowd lining up, I thought it will be for the next time !

Looking up I saw this penthouse and wondered how much it would be worth, just overlooking Covent garden. Probably a fortune. Maybe it belongs to a company and this was the terrace for smokers.

Leaving Covent garden and looking for a bus to take me back to Victoria station, I ended up in China town ! Most of the people were Chinese or maybe British Chinese. When they spoke I couldn't find out if they were just discussing, fighting or telling a joke.

Finally I found a bus, I love to sit on the double deck,  and do real sightseeing. In the tube I feel like a mole !

What I didn't know was that there was a concert on Trafalgar square and the traffic was completely congested ! Fortunately I just arrived in time to take my suitcase and caught the train !

My friend Doug picked me up at the station, and it was so strange to see him alone without Anne. He drove me to my hotel and an hour later he picked me up again to show me the renovated house and then we went for supper. The house looks so nice now with a new kitchen new floors and freshly painted walls Unfortunately she only could enjoy this for 3 months before she passed away. so sad.

On Sunday morning it rained cats and dogs and on top it was very windy. Fortunately I kept myself busy with blogging and reading !

I had intended to walk and sit down at the beach,  but the weather became worse and worse. So Doug picked me up at my hotel and we went shopping together and then stayed the whole day at home. A friend of Anne came over and we had a cream tea together and a nice chat. In the evening Doug cooked for me, he was so happy to cook for somebody and we had roasted chicken with Broccolis, cauliflower, roasted potatoes and carrots. It was delicious. Often we were talking about Anne and digged out funny memories.

Despite the terrible weather, after all we had a very nice day !


  1. How sad that they've messed up the beautiful old Victoria Station. Seeing you in London reminds me of us meeting you and Dominique in 2012. I'm so glad you're cheering Doug up. And yummy English cream teas... I hope the weather gets VERY sunny and bright for you from today. Enjoy! Jo

  2. Hi Gattina - they can't help the building works ... but it will be so much better for us after they've finished. Remember our infrastructure is over 120 years old ... some places much older ... so they need to 'refurbish' and upgrade for safety's sake and our ease of getting around.

    Glad Covent Garden stood up to a good visit and then the bus back ...

    Yesterday's weather was foul ... dreadful - and so windy ... but there's nothing unusual - it happens at times.

    I'll see you on Wednesday and we'll make a plan and do something ... cheers til then - Hilary

  3. What a lovely time and what a sad time for you. I would not dare catch an ordinary London bus as a visitor. The Tube, I understand.

  4. You are brave finding your way around London by yourself. Shame you couldn't get into the museum. We visited it years ago and found it interesting.
    I didn't know your friend Ann had passed away. I must have missed that post. So sorry to hear that. It must be good for Doug to have your company and share memories of Ann.
    English weather living up to its name. One of the reasons my parents emigrated.

  5. What a nice post ! I'm so happy you had great time with Dooug speakng about the old days and testing the good english cooking !

  6. I can't get over you just hopping out and traveling and going here and there and .... :-) Needless to say, I am not a well traveled individual. So it's quite amazing to hear of your adventures.

    Hooray for you! And for many older women as well, I'm sure. There must be many more, like you.


  7. The weather is not so good. Hope you manage to get some brighter days in Eastbourne. I was at Victoria Station on Saturday waiting for a blind person that I was guiding. The work going on outside the station is an absolute nightmare.

  8. It does sound like the weather wasn't being kind to you. Glad you were able to spend some time with your friend. It's nice when good and fun stories are remembered of those who have left us too soon.

  9. I love the Transport Museum shop better then the Museum.
    Covent Garden is always interesting with so much happening there.

  10. It's great that you made the most of the mixup and traffic problems -- didn't panic (as I probably would have); the mark of a seasoned traveler!! I am so glad you could be with your friend and help to bring him some closure I hope. I'm glad you went and didn't decide to take the easy way and not go because of the death.


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