29 Jul 2015



Old man in Chinatown (London)

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Unfortunately there is a very strong wind blowing, so even in the sunshine it's cold ! After breakfast I found a bench at the seafront just opposite from my hotel sat down and watched the sea and the seagulls !

The waves were quite high. The part of the pier which had burnt down last year when I was here, has not yet been  totally reconstructed, despite the promises of the government. It seems to be everywhere the same, a lot of promises are quickly forgotten. Politicians have a short memory.

Then I walked along the beach into the city center. I looked at some shops, but there was nothing interesting and I was surprised how much the prices had increased !

I took the bus to meet two of Anne's friends and then we drove to the habor where we should meet the others for lunch.

Last year we could sit outside and even did a little boat tour around the harbor, but this was impossible because of the wind. So we sat inside a pub and had our lunch. We had such a fun, and behaved like silly little and very noisy girls. We talked about Anne and the funniest memories we had of her and stayed there for almost 3 h ! Then we said good bye til the next year and two of them took me back to my hotel. I invited them for a cup of tea and they liked my hotel very much and also my room.

It had been a very nice afternoon. When they were gone I returned to the seafront, the sun had come out again and I walked to a stand selling sandwiches. I bought one and returned and ate my sandwich later in my room. I could have eaten supper in the hotel but I was still so full from lunch.


  1. Hope the man made good sales!
    A day well spent with friends.

  2. Hi Gattina - wonderful colours in Chinatown. The weather hasn't been kind so far for you here .. but should improve today and tomorrow.

    Glad you had a happy time with Anne's friends ... and enjoyed the day.

    See you tomorrow ... cheers Hilary

  3. Can't trust that English weather. Anne must have been a very nice person to have so many good friends and to leave such happy memories behind.

  4. It's nice that Anne's friends welcome you and no doubt will again next year.

  5. He seems so tired. I hope he is buoyed by the colors around him.

  6. looks like you had a great day :)

  7. the weather wasn't at the rendez-vous but Anne friends were ! Nice you had great time all together ! Here after the canicule we have the wind and saturday the weather promises a storm ! But the principal for me is to be on holiday !

  8. Bad luck with the weather but you had a warm time with your friends.


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