31 Jul 2015


My holidays are slowly coming to an end. Fortunately the last days the sun had come out and it also was a little warmer and less wind.

After breakfast I usually crossed the street and sat on "my" bench

from where I had this beautiful view. There were always people walking by and as I appeal apparently to dogs who came to sniff my feet (I swear I washed them) and so a conversation started. Then I walked along the beach, from time to time sat down and read my Kindle.

In the afternoons I usually went out.

I went with Doug to the graveyard to visit Anne's grave. It was a sad moment. But then we went out for  supper and ended the day with a last drink in my hotel.

I also met Hillary from "Positive Letters ...inspirational stories", who lives in Eastbourn. I had met her already last year and it was so nice to see her again. She proposed to take me to the Herstmonceau Castle in Hailsham, which is now an International Study Center, of Queen's University (Canada)

Fortunately we had very nice weather and we walked around in the superb Elizabethan gardens.

We also had a little lunch in the Tearoom

We walked around the castle and admired the Giant Sundial

In the ball room tables were beautifully dressed for a wedding ! It was certainly not for the daughter of a toilet cleaner ! It all looked very luxurious and beautiful;

Two men were busy to put little ribbons with the table numbers on keys, which were at the same time bottle openers so people could easily find their tables !

As I had started not feeling very well, I probably caught a cold with this icy wind in the last days, Hilary drove me to my hotel where I fell asleep ! I woke up because I was hungry ate a Sandwich and continued sleeping.

Today it's already better !


  1. Hi Gattina .. so pleased you had a happy day despite feeling not so brilliant.

    The castle was fascinating wasn't it ... it could have been a little warmer, but the tour of the 'castle' was very informative and I too loved the gardens and herbal plants on show.

    The wedding will be a day to remember ... it was fairly extensive in its preparations ... flowers, table decor, etc and that hall had a sprung floor ... so I expect there'll be lots of dancing afterwards ... the walls of the castle have stood since medieval times - so I expect they'll see the party out ...

    Cheers and it's been lovely seeing you - til next year ... Hilary

  2. The weather has not been too kind to you this year but you are making the most of it. The castle looked a beautiful place to visit. See you soon.

  3. Ah, the end of what looks like a wonderful and beautiful vacation! Glad you have shared it with us!

  4. I am GLAD you already feel better - and super grateful you took time to share your adventure . . I enjoyed pretending I was there . . . I would have enjoyed lunch at the tea room - and I'm really happy i did not have to attend that large event . . (and no, i wouldn't have enjoyed owning a bottle opening, keep sake - with or without the ribbon giggle)

    Happy Day to You!

  5. Your holiday sounds leisurely and just right. Nothing is better than sitting by the sea and looking at that view!

  6. What a lovely trip you've had. I had to read the previous posts so I could see all that you've done.

    Sightseeing, reading and walking the beach sound like PERFECT vacation activities to me.
    So glad you are felling better.

  7. Sounds like a lovely week! Except for not feeling well - hope that goes away soon. The tea room, castle, and wedding festivities look very interesting.

  8. You have friends everywhere!! The castle looks so interesting; but so does sitting on the bench reading and gazing at the sea. And meeting people and dogs!!

  9. What a beautiful castle you visited with your blogfriend ! How sad for Anne ! I hope Doug will recover the moral after this sad period !

  10. Back home ? Hope you recovered and get better !

  11. Meeting bloggers id fun. The castle and gardens was a nice trip. Sad to visit your friends grave. Hope you don't get too sick.


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