3 Aug 2015


My last two days I mostly spend at the seafront.

For the first time since the dome of the pier had burnt down I went on the pier. It looks strange to me who knew it for such a long time and now the whole middle is missing. It made me really sad.

But the views from the pier have remained unchanged, they are still gorgeous

The Victorian houses all along the seafront takes you back into the 19th century

Nothing has changed at least from outside, although most of these big houses are now hotels, Bed & Breakfasts or holiday lets.

Only the cliffs are timeless

The Victorian Tearoom on the pier where I had a cream tea, had always been full, but this time it was almost empty. I have to say that the scone I got with the clotted cream must also have been  from Victorian times, so hard it  was.

For the last time I had lunch together with Doug and his neighbor an old friend. We were sitting outside in the garden and it was really nice.

Then it was time to say good bye and the next morning Doug drove me to the station in Eastbourne

It took me more time to get from Eastbourne to London than from London to Brussels ! At the St. Pancras International station, I met with Marie from "After 60-the next 10". It was so nice to see her again. As I was a not in the mood to visit London again, my legs were rather tired from all the walking along the Eastbourne beach, she had the very good idea to take me to Regent's Park.

First we had lunch in a restaurant which was in a street I only had seen from the Bus but had never gone through. It was plenty of beautiful old houses, shops and a quite busy street !

Just besides was the park where we sat on a bench and chatted ! There was so much to tell, that time flew by and suddenly it was time for me to leave. She went with me back to St. Pancras where we said good bye. Later we both stated that we hadn't have enough time to talk about everything we wanted to, although we had spent 4 hours together ! Then I checked in, and returned to Brussels, where Mr. G. was already waiting. I was so tired that I dropped my suitcase in my room and went to bed !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well you certainly make Eastbourne seafront look enticing! I just hope you feel less tired today and have recovered from the cold last week. Gosh .. the scone sounds dubious! Anyway - I@m glad you had a happy lunch with Doug and his neighbour. Then meeting Marie in London - that's so fantastic when you meet up with blogging friends you've known for a long time - Regent's Park is lovely isn't it ..

Good to see you're safely home - and it was lovely seeing you once again. Cheers for now - Hilary

Andrew said...

Sad times and good times, and you had time for reflection. How nice that you caught with Marie. Isn't she just lovely. She really made our visit to London very special.

diane b said...

That is fun to see two of my blogger friends sitting together in a park. The views from the pier are lovely the white Victorian houses are amazing.You have to have a rest to get over your holiday. Hee Hee

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Happy tired though!!!

And wonderful to have those old Victorian buildings saved. By new uses. Oh yes!

Wishing you some whimsey and magic, in your week,

Jo said...

Those beachfront Victorian houses are pretty, but the cliffs even more so. How nice to meet up with Marie - I'll check her blog now.

Anonymous said...

Love the Eastbourne seafront - it's very elegant!

Fun60 said...

I think you should send some of your photos to Eastbourne tourist board as they make Eastbourne look so inviting. It was lovely to see you again and I look forward to our next chat wherever that might be.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Such a beautiful seacoast walk -- those Victorian mansions look so intriguing, I would love to tour them, even if they are hotels and B&Bs now.

You had a great guide for your stopover -- that lady knows her London that is for sure; what fun to meet her!

I'm not surprised you were tired after this trip -- physically tiring, but also emotionally exhausting because of your friend. I'm so glad you went and I know her husband is as well.

Anonymous said...

Lovely architecture and scenery. Sorry to hear your scone was disappointing.

Gracie said...

So glad I finally had the time to catch up with your travels diary! And so envious as always....