24 Jul 2015


1. After some shopping together, Nicole and I went to an Asian food restaurant, which had been recommended to us by her neighbor. We first were a little suspicious because the price of a whole buffet "all you can eat" was only 12 € (13 $) with wine and coffee included !

From the outside it didn't look that nice, but the inside was really very beautiful and cozy.

The buffet was unbelievable, such a choice ! These are only the starters I forgot to take pictures of the main courses and the dessert ! We really enjoyed our meal and now we know that this is a place to come back !

2. On the 21st we had our National Day and of course it was very much celebrated !

Nicole and I walked through the park, there also was a flea market and then when we wanted to listen to the band playing songs from the 60th, we had to leave because poor Charlie thought the drums were a thunderstorm and he is so afraid of it. When he started to shiver like a leave in the wind, we left !

There were also a "Kids city" with even little ponies and horses to ride around

3. We also visited the Lego exhibition which had been created for the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle.

It was just amazing ! More than two years of work, no less than 5000 hours of design and installation, and over 1,000,000 Legos !

4. I absolutely wanted to see the Sunflower labyrinth in Mons (Belgium) which had been created in honor of the painter Vincent van Gogh, who had lived here in his early years. Mons is the European city of culture this year.

It was really very impressive. 11.500 sunflowers had been used to build this labyrinth just in front of the City hall. I climbed up on the scaffold to see the it from above ! The entrance was free and there were a lot of people from all corners of Europe.

5. I had to think about my suitcase, as I go on holidays tomorrow. It took me some time to sort out all the battery chargers, for each device another one, mobile, Kindle, camera, computer, and the USB keys etc. That took most of my time, because clothes I just throw in the suitcase. As long as they are all clean, it's quickly done !

I will be in Eastbourne as I do each year since 2007, but this time I will stay in a hotel at the seafront, because it is impossible for me to stay at my friends' house, as Anne my friend passed away not even two months ago. I would see her in all rooms and that would be too sad. On the other hand I love Eastbourne and I will try to make the best out of my stay.

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Andrew said...

Only AU$18, a bargain just for the food, let alone the wine and coffee.

Yes, it will be a time of sadness when you return to Eastbourne.

Linens and Royals said...

Love the Lego exhibition. Enjoy your time in Eastbourne though it will be sad too.
Wish me luck, tomorrow I go to meet a rescue cat I might adopt.

Fun60 said...

What a bargain buffet, Would liked to have seen the sunflowers.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

You have such wonderful excursions!!!! I *envy* you. (Not really envy, but you know that.)

And now, you are off, on another one.

I wish you wonderful weather and a super time!!!


Karen said...

I would love to see all those sunflowers! Had to laugh about all the battery chargers. It is certainly something to contend with when one travels these days:)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Wow! What a lot of sunflowers! it must have been beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a busy and enjoyable week! I'm amazed at such intricate Lego creations. The sunflower labyrinth sounds really neat. I like Asian food in buffets so I can try little bits of different things. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Faith said...

Oh what a gorgeous labyrinth!! I want to walk there!! my goodness...i need to save my money and visit Belgium one day. And that Asian place looks yummy!!!! we enjoy Thai, Japanese, Korean and some Chinese food...and we always like Indian food although my oldest doesn't care for it. HAHA.....

What a wonderful week you had filled with beauty. God bless your weekend!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Have a good time! Anne would want you to and to remember the good times!

We practically need another suitcase for all the cords, camera paraphanalia etc..

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Anne. I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday without too much grief.

I would love to have seen the Sunflower labyrinth. Van Gogh is such an interesting painter. I want to know more about his work (and life).

lol about it taking so much more time to pack the electronics than the clothes. I can sooooo relate to that.

Susanne said...

My dog does not handle loud things like drums well either. The lego display looks amazing! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope your holiday does bring back the many happy memories of times you spent together

Willow said...

That sunflower maze is a-maze-ing. What fun to see it and walk through it. I hope you enjoy your visit in Eastbourne with the happy times and memories of your friend Anne.
I had to laugh at your packing procedure. I too just throw my clothes in, but it takes me HOURS to decide on my knitting projects.