2 Feb 2015


On Saturday I went to the theatre where I have a season ticket together with Dominique and Nicole. As Dominique was on holidays, Nicole's daughter came with us.

As usual before the play we went for supper to the theatre's restaurant, where we always order the same plate Steak Tartare with chips and salad. They have excellent meat for eating it raw !

The play was quite funny, it was the story of two men who met in front of the grave of a woman, one was the husband the other the lover for 50 years ! Of course the husband didn't know ! It began with fighting but at the end they became best friends. We had fun and we also were lucky with the roads, as the theatre is located in a little town in the middle of the countryside. Snow had been announced, but nothing fell from heaven.

But Sunday morning, I had this view out of my window ! All in white !

My son skyped me and I had grandson Toby on the screen, he showed me what he was doing and we had a little chat together. It was a long time I hadn't seen him, because my son was away the last two weekends.

On Sunday I wanted to go to Ilona to download Skype on her tablet, but it started to snow again and the roads were too dangerous. 

So I spent my time with blogging and Hercule Poirot and thought that these films are not good at all for the anti smoking campaign, because everybody men and women smoked like chimneys everywhere. The women had beautiful long cigarette holders an object you don't see anymore ! Fortunately these films are not yet X rated.

Arthur kept me company laying on the other sofa. He is not keen on snow either !


Andrew said...

A cat once told me his favourite invention was central heating.

Fun60 said...

You look so much better and what a wonderful evening with good food, friends and entertainment.

A Lady's Life said...

You look like you lost some weight Gattina. Toby is growing nicely.
Such a cute lad.We have nice weather although a bit wet.

Friko said...

You are so lucky to have good friends always available for outings and meals. It’s good for people to be able to share.

Mara said...

I read a book the other day that had a lot of smoking in it. When I looked at when it had been written, it turned out it was in the early 80's!

Love the photo of Arthur!

Patricia Fry said...


I'd like to be a guest blogger here--talking about my cat-inspired Klepto Cat Mystery series, which include "Catnapped," "Cat-eye Witness," "Sleight of Paw," and five others.
Contact me: PLFry620@yahoo.com

Patricia Fry

Gracie said...

We have Hercule Poirot on saturday afternoon on tv..I don't miss one episode even if I saw them all at least 5 times!