30 Jan 2015


1. I have the impression that my days are like a pearl necklace, every day the same ... It rains and I only went out for hopping in the warm water during aqua gym. We only were half of our usual group, the others had a cold or the flew !

2. To distract me a bit I went to my friend Nicole, and wanted to spend a nice afternoon with her. Unfortunately a friend of hers came and cried the whole time because her husband has started Alzheimer. We tried our best to comfort her, but we don't really know how to help her I told her to ask the Alzheimer association in Brussels. She certainly can get some help there.

3. On TV there is nothing but dramas, terrorist attacks, or threats, we had two this week, fortunately false alerts caused by hysterical people which ended in a huge traffic jam in Brussels. The security level has been increased as the Jihadists believe that Belgium is the "little" sister of France, which is rather offending especially for the Flemish part of the country !

4. My friend Ilona had asked me to buy her a little tablet, which I did and I just had the time to return home when a thunderstorm started ! The only cat out of my four who bothers about thunder is Arthur usually the hero and most sociable cat, he hid under the bed!

5. In my painting course we had a birthday celebration and a lot of fun, the cake was very good. Here too half of the class was missing for the same reasons as mentioned above.

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diane b said...

It does sound like you are having miserable weather and I can see you have grown flippers. Keep well yourself.

Andrew said...

I didn't realise you had four cats. Arthur is my favourite.

Mara said...

Well, I've got the sore throat, but not yet a proper cold or the flue. Fortunately. Mind you, the weather over here is doing its best to make it happen, but I am determined not to give in!

Phoebes World said...

Alzheimers is a terrible disease...my grandmother had it..and it was so sad to see. I hope your friend gets all the support she needs
The tv news is frightening right now...there is so much hate and anger it makes me worried for my childrens future
I love cats..we have adopted a stray appropriately called Scruffy.Your cat on your lap top looks very much like the cat I used to have..'Pickles'
Keep warm and dry in all that wet weather...and enjoy your week
Phoebe x

Susanne said...

It does sound like you are getting lots of rain! Hope you have a little sunshine poke through soon and that you stay healthy and away from all the colds and flu!

And I can comment again! Yipee!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like your web feet. I left some just like that in Oregon where it usually rains all winter;))!

The terrorist threat isn't funny in itself of course, but you might as well laugh, cuz what else can you do but be careful I guess.

Stay well with all that flu going around. A lot of people are sick around here too and they don't even have the excuse of damp chilly gray weather.

Sandra Carlier said...

We began with rain this morning and ended with sun! But I'm still ill and perhaps tomorrow I call the doctor! And like you we had a nice birthday at school too! Two little girls fested their 4 years old birthday! in a first time Cathy, the help put a 3 years old candle! We are very tired at the end of the week!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some sunshine and dry weather soon. We've had numerous cloudy days but every now and then the sun peeks out to remind us it is still there.

Flu had been making the rounds here - awful stuff. Thankfully no one in our house has had it.

I feel for your friend whose husband has Alzheimer's. A terribly sad disease.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina, Here in the Pacific Northwest we are always talking about our web feet because of our rain. Glad you made it out despite the weather. It's so sad to hear and deal with Alzheimers. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kari said...

I am longing for a little more sun around here, but It's not as bad as your's sounds.
Stay warm and clear of those with the flu and cold. you wouldnt want that.

And yes, I too am a little tired of all the sad/depressing and angering news on the tv so I try to stay away.
take care!

Anonymous said...

Well! While we are so thrilled for a few drops of rain here, you've been having nothing but Weather in Belgium all week! My roomie lived in Brussels for many years and remembers the wet and cold quite well.

Willow said...

We will gladly trade you a bit of sunshine for some rain, just not the thunderstorm, please.
I thought of you during the week when I read the news about terrorist threats in Belgium. I'm glad they were false alarms. Stay safe!
Love the people in the umbrella sketch!