6 Feb 2015


1. We have a new teacher in our aqua gym class, a young woman who is all  round and short. She could have been the ideal model for the painter Rubens. Her head was just over the water and to show us the exercises she had to climb out. We all thought that sport doesn't mean that you become a "Twiggy" ! But she is very good and a very nice person too.

The result of the hopping around in the pool, made me fall asleep after lunch in front of Poirot on TV !

2. The Waterloo city had invited all seniors for a movie. I first had lunch with Nicole in a Chinese restaurant and then we all gathered at the entrance of the cinema.

It's still the good old cinema which I have always known since we live here, only meanwhile it had been modernized. It is rather small and really cosy. We all got a little box of Belgian chocolate and then watched the movie. It was really very funny a French comedy, the story of a couple who wanted to divorce but none of them wanted the three children ! It ended with a happy end.

3. There was an exposition of young painters from Azerbaidjan. I had to google first to see where this country was ! It is near Russia, ever since the Soviet Union fell apart, there are so many new countries !

The exposition was in the old stables of a castle in Waterloo, which they had demolished, and had only kept the stables to transform it into an exposition center. It looks nice with its old beams.

The paintings were very colorful and we really liked it.

4. I went to Ilona's again to install Skype on her tablet, it was impossible. Now she has to come to us, Mr. G. has the same tablet, to see why her tablet refuses Skype. We gave up and spent the afternoon chatting together.

5. During our painting class, it started to snow so much that we all thought we would get stuck when driving home. Coming out of the building, it had all melted and there was only a little bit of white on the grass. Fortunately none of us had left the class before the end.

The Newspapers published today an incredible printing error on a official card from the Royal Palace. Beginning December the Queen Fabiola died. In their thank you note, instead of writing "Fabiola" they printed "Paola" who is the Queen and mother of the actual King Philip and still very cheerfully alive !

"Their Majesties King Albert II and Queen Paola thank you wholeheartedly for the comforting words received following the death of Her Majesty Queen Paola" which of course made the joke of the day.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

Oh my...that is quite the miss-print! Love those beams, too, and the vibrant colors of the art work. Your cozy little slippers caught my eye. Glad you made it home safe. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

How cozy your feet must have been with your colourful slippers and snuggling cat.
I am glad to hear that Queen Paola is still cheerfully alive. What an embarrassing misprint.
Technology can be so frustrating. How lovely the afternoon was not wasted since you two had a great visit with one another.

Kathie said...

gosh - what a faux-pas. I wonder if anyone was fired.

Such a cosy shot with your kitty on your feet.

A funny movie and Belgian chocolates sound good.

Such a lovely gallery. and colourful paintings. You will be inspired for your art class.

Happy weekend Gattina!

Faith said...

oh boy! that is QUITE The mistake..someone wasn't doing their editing job!! How fun to go to that art show with the colorful paintings!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep up the good work with the swimming class!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a pretty major misprint!

How neat to have movie times just for seniors.

I like the idea of keeping that barn open for expositions. Looks like a fun art display!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh dear, it is off with the proofreaders head! Funny. We have a rather heavy set person to lead our water aerobics here too. But she is in good shape for the shape she's in;)).

diane b said...

You always have so many things to write about on Fridays. The last blunder about the queens death was a bit of a fiasco. Reminds me of how our PM made a blunder by giving Prince Phillip of England and Australian knighthood on Australia Day with the Australian awards. The whole country including his own political party think he is an idiot for doing that.

Mara said...

Those paintings were very nice, I especially liked the one in the bottom right corner.

Well, that is a mistake and a half to make isn't! No wonder it was thought such a joke!

Susanne said...

The building where the art was is gorgeous. All those beams and that brick work. Love it. How fun that your city treated the seniors to a movie!

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing for you and chocolates, too! How nice that you have a good new instructor, even if she's not a "twiggy" shape ;-)

Anonymous said...

A Royal blunder! You look comfy in your slippers and kitty snuggled up.