1 Dec 2014


A very busy one ! I had to check my summer clothes for my trip to Egypt on Tuesday, and do some laundry before I leave.

Claudie my friend from Southern France had asked me to check the renting contract for a room in Brussels, for her daughter who will spend 3 months here for her studies. We had a long chat on Skype, and now it is all settled, and the contract signed. I informed myself about the house owner and as he is a lawyer there shouldn't be any problems.

In the evening I went with Nicole and my neighbor to the Theater where we have a season ticket.

First we had a nice supper in the Theatre's restaurant, and we were surprised that the flowers in the pots were still blooming. The Theatre's cats greeted the audience !

This time the play wasn't very nice, it was about our King Albert I and his preparations for WW I ! Since May we have an overdose of these war stories, so the public (not even the most patriotic once) was not very enthusiastic and the actors got a very poor applause ! It was the first time since all these years I am going there that I realized that the seats were hard ! But we made the best out of it whispering comments in each others ears and giggled and laughed (discretely !). But at least it had been a very nice evening.

Sunday was an awful day ! It wasn't raining but it was foggy and very wet, I put my travel computer in order and prepared all chargers ! You almost need a truck for that ! I wonder why chargers are not uniform ! I needed one for my camera, for my mobile, for my computer, for my kindle, and for my other camera in the hope I haven't forgotten one !

In the afternoon Mr. G's young friend came for a visit, he is two years older than our son and fixed things for us. Now that we are a vintage couple there are things we can't do ourselves anymore. I had a leaking flower pot which was very heavy, but for him it was light like a feather, I could finally change the pot ! We also had problems with the toilet cover which he fixed as well as some screws to hard to unscrew. Mr. G. has no strength in his hands anymore and I have always been a "weak" woman, at least for these scores !

I told him that he could make a fortune with helping out vintage people, I would have a lot of future clients for him who have the same problems !

We spent a very nice afternoon together ! He told us that whenever we need help that we can count on him. There are often so little things we never thought of before, but even changing a bulb in a lamp hanging high up can become a problem !

Arthur was a little disappointed that he was not wearing his so nicely smelling leather shoes which he adored for sharpening his claws,  as it happened once and our friend had to take his shoes off. Now he comes in sport shoes ! 


Jo said...

You obviously never felt the hard seats before when you were enthralled by the play. Maybe the theater owners will take note and change the WWII theme! That charger issue when traveling! I have the same problems, now even more as I still have my previous two old cell phones along with the new Smartphone. You're a great friend to have when it comes to helping people in business like you did with Claudie's daughter's accommodation. And what a wonderful young many to help out with jobs that a person cannot cope with anymore!

jennyfreckles said...

Goodness, how lovely to have a young friend willing to help like that. Everyone over 65 should have one! I wish I had. I think it will have to be my son-in-law when (if) they move back north from London next year. Though I guess he'll have his hands full with their own house.

ann nz said...

Arthur sharpening his claws on the shoes, make me laugh so much. Some cats claw on furniture.