28 Nov 2014


1. Before I go on holidays to Egypt next week, I wanted to do my Christmas shopping. I hate do that in the last moment, I prefer to do it when I have time to look and am not in a hurry.

I went to "my" Indian shop, a real Ali Baba cavern, walking around and looking for inspirations. I found some little things, had a cup of tea together with the other customers in the little tea corner and enjoyed the place. It's always so peaceful in there !

2. Somebody in the States had shown on a Blog a doll bed which she had bought at Ikea, not for a doll but for her cat ! I looked on our Ikea Website and found the bed. So I took the opportunity to go there, had lunch and found the bed !

Mr. G. assembled it and now it stands besides my bed for good old Pookie who because of her arthritis can't jump on my bed anymore, this way we still sleep side by side so to say.

3. On my way back I stopped at Ilona's for a cup of tea and a little chat before I continued my Christmas shopping in Waterloo.

4. Maybe you remember that I had made a few Christmas cards for the Waterloo Council and retirement home. 

Today I was informed that this one had been chosen and was already at the printer ! That made me quite happy !

5. I needed some food shopping and afterwards I went to Nicole to bring her her flight ticket. I also had a bone for Charlie, but he wasn't allowed to eat it because he had an indigestion. So he sat in front of the fridge and whined he had smelled it although I had hidden the bone under my coat before I handed it over to Nicole ! We couldn't hear him anymore it was terrible, so finally she put him outside for a while, and we could chat in peace ! I wouldn't be surprised that he will sit in front of the fridge door the whole night !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well organised I see .. and ready for your trip to Egypt - sounds a good escape. Congratulations on the Christmas card being selected and printed .. I'm sure it's making you happy ... cheers and have a good weekend - Hilary

Sandra Carlier said...

You did a great job with the Christmas card! You're an artist!
Happy Charly! You had a great gift for him!
The fly ticket to a marvelous destination! I want to come with you!

Leovi said...

Great photos, wonderful compositions!

Faith said...

that is a beautiful Christmas card! yay for getting your shopping done early and for a lovely tea place.

Sasha said...

That is a beautiful Christmas card. The little cat bed looks so sweet. Have a great holiday and I am looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea to use a doll bed for a pet! Nice that your kittie can sleep near you.

That is so cool that your card was chosen! Very nice!

Susanne said...

How exciting that one of your cards were chosen!

Aren't you clever using that doll bed for your kitty.

Jo said...

When I come to visit you, I would like to go to "your" Indian shop! Great little bed for dear Pookie. Oh, I love Charlie: he knows what he wants. Congratulations on being chosen to have your beautiful card printed. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Jo PS I will answer your mail soon; after I'd fixed my blogger issues, I had major Internet issues. All up and running now again, thank goodness. xx

A Lady's Life said...

I love the card You did a wonderful job.
The cat bed is also a good idea.
Our floors are cold and the dogs like to either stay on the couch or the rocking chair. lol

Brenda said...

How fun to go to Egypt. We will look forward to pictures when you return.
Safe travels.

Linda said...

Gorgeous Christmas card and lovely photos! :)

Willow said...

By now you may be on your holiday to Egypt. I'm expecting to see photos of the Sphinx!
I noticed lots of mentions of tea--now I'm wanting some myself.
I hope that doll bed works well for Pookie.