5 Dec 2014


I thought I would wake up very early like at home around 6 am, but when I opened my eyes it was already 7.30 pm ! I quickly throw my kaftan over my nightgown and went to the lobby for internet connection in the hope it would work and it did ! Finally I could publish my post !

The sun was a little covered but it was very warm.

With all these people of different countries and languages funny things can happen ! I sat at a table and a gentleman asked me in English if one of the seats was free, I said yes and he sat down. Came a lady who also asked in English if the other seat was free, we both said yes. Then the man said to the lady that she apparently wasn't English because she had an accent ! But he had an accent too, a German one ! The lady said "Yes that's possible because I am German" that made me laugh and I said,  and I am German too ! We all bursted out in laughter, here we were sitting the 3 of us all Germans, talking English together ! Then of course we switched the language.

Nicole had climbed in the bath tub and the shower top fell on her forehead, now she has a blue horn sitting in the middle ! She said, now I am a horned widow !

I  also had an adventure in the bath tub, I stood under the shower when suddenly the electricity went off and I stood there in the black bathroom and didn't dare to move ! I thought if I move I will fall out of the tub ! After a while the light went on again, and I could finally finish my shower. I admit it had been a little scary !

We had our breakfast outside, with view on the swimming pool and then spent the whole day at the beach

At work, Nicole sleeps in the sunshine !

View on the sea

Little cosy lounges for internet (if it works)

View from our floor inside the building

At 4 I had an appointment for a massage anti stress. Massages are very cheap here and the lady had iron hands although she looked so small like a feather !

After supper we are for the moment so tired, that we just go to our room and read !

This is not really a "Friday's Fave Five" as I  am writing a kind of online diary !

As Internet is slow and difficult, I may not be able to comment !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - poor Nicole that must be a very nasty bump .. glad it wasn't worse, while the electricity going off isn't funny either ... so glad to see all is well now.

Looks to be a good hotel .. cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

If you live in a very cold country, you must have a different attitude to heat. I could not bear the weather there. It is hard to deal with the heat at home.

English is the connecting language all over the world. Am I correct in saying you don't speak German very often and the German you speak is of the fifties and sixties? Does that work well with a person who now lives in Germany? Has the language changed much?

Hazel Ceej said...

You were in Egypt again? How lovely! Those massages are really fun. I have them from time to time and I love them.

Mara said...

Relaxing, sunshine and more relaxing. Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Except for the power going out in the middle of a shower - glad it came on again fairly quickly.

Sandra Carlier said...

C'est vraiment l'été !!!!

diane b said...

It is such a change to the weather in Europe. Enjoy the sun.I would love those massages too.