6 Dec 2014


Opening the curtains at 7 am and see the ink blue sea and the blue sky is such a pleasure ! And it is so warm !

(zoom) view from our balcony

Some people at meals can never get enough, they overload their plates and then leave half of it, only because it's "All included". It is really a shame !

This was on the plates for one person ! Of course he couldn't eat it all !

My compatriots, the Germans are  getting on my nerves ! They put their own  towels, books, hats or whatever they can find on the beach beds and we the honest people wait until we get the hotel towels and then when we want to choose a  bed  the best places are already taken ! I  really think I should take all this stuff away so that they have to line up just as all the others to get their beach towels and then choose the beach bed !

Nicole swimming in our little bay

With swimming, chatting, time flies by. It is also interesting to meet so many people of different nationalities. I became a kind of circus attraction because I speak English with the British people, German with the Germans and French with the Belgians or French people. Sometimes they ask me to help to translate when there are communication problems. It's really fun ! Today a group of four young Germans from Munich asked me from where I was coming from ! They came from Munich and we had a nice chat together.

This guy makes bracelets the whole day on the beach !

Nicole's English improves each day a bit, she has difficulties to pronounce some English words, lack of practice.

After supper we are usually so tired that we just want to go to our room, read a bit and then sleep like two babies ! The food is excellent, a lot of choice and so many vegetables, certainly real organic !

And this evening there was a swan sitting on my bed !


Jo said...

I always love the towel decorations on your bed! You should charge to translate: you're professional. What is Nicole's mother tongue? Your first photo is stunning: now we know how hard you're working to look at that view. Keep on enjoying! Jo

Fun60 said...

Life is just so hard for you at the moment!

Sasha said...

your photos are beautiful and I am amused by your comments. My friend of German origin might not be so happy!
Be careful of sunbathing. I hope you put on sunscreen and stay in the shade. Skin cancers can kill and anyway your skin gets wrinkled and old very early with sunbathing.

Sandra Carlier said...

Life is like a dream in such conditions! Lucky you are, girls!
I really would want to be with you!

diane b said...

Too bad about the rude tourists bagging the beach beds. It sounds an unusual system to us. We just wander on the beach and put down a towel anywhere we like. It sounds a nice place though. You are clever speaking several languages. It must be nice to have a friend with you to share the funny moments.