29 Jun 2012

FRIDAY's FAVE FIVE - Holidays in Sousse (Tunisia)

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To recover from our roundtrip through Tunisia, we stayed at the Riadh Palms hotel in Sousse for 4 days, not too far from the airport. We had chosen this Hotel because it looked nice for a good rest. What we didn't know was, that it was a real tourist factory. The swimming pool was wonderful, refreshing and each time we felt too hot we swam in there, because the sea wasn't too clean, at least it seemed so to me.

2. The paintings and ceiling decorations were beautiful and I wandered around in the evening to take some pictures before we went for supper.

We usually stayed in an almost quiet corner although the music was still very loud and enjoyed the sunshine, chatted and read our books.


All over the huge beach were these statues which in fact were the showers ! First I didn't realize that they were not only decorations.


It was impossible to stay in the sunshine so we were always in the shade. From my beachbed I had this view. The net was there to protect us from the Volley ball players.

5. Besides reading, swimming we didn't do anything else. Each morning I went to reception hall to write my little diary about our trip, because internet was only there.

The restaurant was very huge and looked like a station. We also had to go to "food station" 1, 2 or 3 for the different buffets. The name was really perfect.

One evening we had our supper in a beautiful restaurant, but ate outside with a beautiful view over the sea. All guests could eat there once during their stay if they had taken "All Inclusive" which was our case.
Dominique and Nicole enjoyed the good meal and wine !

and then the holidays ended and we were taken to the newly built Enfidha – Hammamet International Airport. Nicole managed to put on her lipstick dispite the bumps on the road ! I had kept 20 Dinars which are 10 € to buy a drink or something to eat and had to learn that Dinars were not accepted in the airport only Euros and they didn't take any Dinars back !  So be careful if ever you go there, in this airport is nothing to buy but parfums, cigarettes and alcohol there is no restaurant either !

Now I am at home and have to get used to the daily routine again !


Jo said...

You always seem to enjoy wherever you are, you're so positive and keep your readers entertained with the descriptions! Strange they don't take their own money at the airport and have no restaurant! I'm glad you're settling in at home. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

Maribeth said...

Was the food really good?

Barbara H. said...

Wow, the views and food there look great. Sounds like a fun trip.

ellen b said...

It really looks quite exotic and hot. You travel to the most interesting places. Glad you got home safe and sound. Have a nice weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

Amazing hotel -- all-inclusive vacations are really relaxing aren't they!

sandra carlier said...

Sounds a big hostel, very comfortable and a beautiful decoration! I would like to admire the point of view on the Mediterranean sea at the other side of the place I live!

Susanne said...

Looks like a beautiful place to vacation in, Gattina. Hope you're all rested up!