25 Jun 2012


This meme helps you to remember what you did on the weekend of 23 June

My weekend started with the arrival in Riadh Palms hotel where we finished our roundtrip (see below) and will stay until Wednesday.

I had a little bit of a sore throat, and was anxious that I would start a cold with this constant changing from hot to airconditionned cold areas. So I didn't do very much besides laying a little bit at the beach, but it was already late so we didn't stay very long. I also was very tired. In our room so far nothing is missing, but poor Nicole had less luck. She had booked a room with sea sight and had got a little thing where you had to have eyes like a chameleon to see the sea, or maybe a giraffe would have been able to see it too. The bathtube wasn't white anymore but grey and the worst was bloodstains on the floor. With my Inspector Barnaby's experiences, I immediately thought that somebody was murdered in her bathroom and I told Nicole to watch if there is not a ghost coming during the night. Luckily she slept so deeply that she missed the ghost and I was very disappointed. Today she got another room.

The hotel is very big and is rather a tourist factory than a hotel to stay to rest ! The decoration is beautiful, but don't look into details.

The dining room is huge all in turquoise but very noisy too when you hear hundreds of people slurping down their food. And of course there are again the people of the Eastern countries, which still eat like pigs (I don't want to insult a pig, but it's the expression) Cutlery is missing, especially little spoons for icecream or fruit salad, apparently they still need to refurbish their homes and need knives, forks and spoons, which is easy to put in a suitcase. The cold war has left traces, they had to wait so long for everything which is so normal to us Western people.There are no bath towels on the beach as usually in all 4* hotels, they had all been stolen.

I ate my ice cream for the first time in my life with a fork and stirred my coffee with a knife ! I learn everyday how to behave in a 4* the bush !

The beach beds are mostly broken and the matrasses dates from the Romans !But the food is good at least this is my opinion. Watermelons disappear like a Ferrari in a Formular 1 race, and you have to hurry to get some pieces because the "Eastlanders" are very quick !

The beautiful swimming pool is rather empty which we appreciate very much, hundreds of people are roasting around it in the sun and you can see all skin color shades of mostly red like lobsters to nearly black. There are also quiet some Germans, besides their beer bellies, I haven't noticed anything special.

We appreciate the warm weather, the sunshine and the resting after this exhausting trip, we should have booked earlier, it's to hot here in June..


Linens and Royals said...

You are making me laugh so much I don't want your trip to end. Next trip you must remember to take your own knife, fork and spoon.

Mara said...

Wow, it sounds like quite an adventure! Just don't go stirring your coffee with a knife once you get back home!!!

Jo said...

OMW I agree with Linens and Royals. I am enjoying your travels and descriptions so much I wish there was more after Wednesday! To think there are BLOOD stains on the bathroom floor. Ewgh! I hope you enjoy the last two days in Africa. I have enjoyed having you quite "close" to East Africa, LOL!

Maribeth said...

I'd wondered about this, and I knew you would report! Were the Germans with the beer bellies wearing tiny speedo swim suits!

diane b said...

I agree with the others, I have enjoyed your entertaining writing about your trip, I hope it wasn't an expensive tour.
We are helping Sonya with the two babies now that Bernie is at work everyday. She is not used to coping by herself. (How did we do it?) I'm sure she will get into the swing of feeding , bathing and putting to sleep two babies soon. She is quite good at organising herself.
They are just about over their jet lag now.