28 Jun 2012


Jenny Matlock
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Imagine you arrive in a beautiful 4* hotel Hotel Royale Jinene à Sousse and a royal suite is proposed to you because there was no single room anymore for our friend Nicole. This happened when we arrived in the first Hotel in Tunisia, where we stayed two nights to start our round trip through. The hotel says about itself : Our hotel is a luxurious 4-star property in Sousse. Which is true, but they should have added that it is a 4 stars for Fakirs ! No nail bed, but broken lath. What a luxury !

The suite was very beautiful, looked very elegant and spacious, there were twin beds in a huge living room and a separated bedroom, perfect for the three of us. Of course we accepted immediately when the suite was shown to us.

After supper I wanted to go to bed and what happened, as soon as I had removed the covers and sat on the bed it cracked and I found myself half sitting on the floor ! As it was very late, we tried to repair my Fakir bed ourselves and put two thick woolen blankets underneath the broken laths. At least the mattress was straight. Unfortunately each time I moved a little bit, it cracked like an old tree in a storm. Poor Dominique who shared the room with me ! First thing in the morning was to ask for repair or a new bed. Of course they said they would do the necessary immediately. At noon it still hadn't been repaired and I was told they would do it right away ! I don't know what "right away" means but still in the evening I had this view !

Indeed the roommaid had found the solution. Her order was to make beds and she bravely made my bed, she even decorated it with a big butterfly folded out of the bath towel ! I found this very kind. Only the bed was still in the same state and it was again late and I just wanted to lay down and sleep. There was only one way :  we put my mattress on the floor besides the bed, and I slept very well and without the cracking of my bed. It was a new experience,  I never camped in a 4* hotel.

I sincerely consider to take Fakir courses to be able to sleep on nails, stones, or broken laths that would be very helpful next time I travel ! You never know.

We left early morning and I told the reception that the bed was still broken and that I wish a very good night to the next guests !


21 Wits said...

oops! But the decor is lovely! Enjoy your up coming weekend!

A Lady's Life said...

lol you should have asked them for a discount lol

momto8 said...

I hope you did not pay full price and got free rooms for next time!

Gledwood said...

Like they say, appearances can be deceptive ...!

Yeah I agree with Annmarie: try and get some free bed and board for next time!!

Maribeth said...

Jack and I had a hotel stay like that in March. Recently I joined a hotel club that guarantees you a fantastic room each time. So far, so good. My stay near Amanda, the room was wonderful!

Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that you are back home and the sun is shinning in your place!
Thanks so much for these posts during your trip in Tunisia.Cezar and I enjoyed a lot reading your posts and seeing your beautiful pictures.
I think Tunisia is not a place in my travel list. ;) I would prefer Egypt.

A big hug to you my sweet friend Gattina,


Susan Anderson said...

Can't believe they didn't fix the bed, lovely butterfly towel notwithstanding...!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

They so should have fixed the bed!

Jo said...

Oh THAT is exactly how I find the reasoning! The room-cleaner has to make the bed and that's what she did! She never thought to report (again, after you!) that the bed is broken and perhaps someone would have taken note and fixed it. No, she was taught to make the bed, add a towel decoration and that's that! Brilliant! Thanks for giving me a giggle tonight! Jo

Loree said...

LOL. You never know what you will find in Tunisia I suppose.

Judie said...

Gattina, the house that we rented at Jekyll Island had not been remodeled since 1956! It was reasonably clean, but left much to be desired in the way of modern conviences. Fortunately,it was only 50 yards from the beach!!

Jo said...

Time must move very differently in Tunisia ... especially when it comes to fixing beds!

anitamombanita said...

Sorry that you had trouble with that hotel, but I'm still laughing at the maid making the bed with the mattress all skallywompas... the four stars must have come from what you were seeing after falling through the slats... !!

Jenny said...

I think I've stayed there before!

Or at least at a sister property.

Your attitude toward the whole thing made me laugh!

You are such a fabulous good sport!

Thanks for linking.


Cristeen said...

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