9 Oct 2012


Last week together with my friend Nicole we took the train to Liège to see the "Golden Sixties Expostion", which takes place in Liège in the station.

The station itself is already amazing and looks like a building from a futuristic world. When we arrived it was just lunch time so without leaving the station we had lunch in this modern beautiful restaurant.

This Belgian plate is called "Americain, frites, salad" which means an "American with chips and salad". It's very fresh minced raw beef meat with capers and spices. It was delicious.

Then we entered the exposition. I was 20 in the sixties and honnestly I had never thought at that time that I would once see my youth in an exposition ! It took me back so many years, but it was as if everything had just happened yesterday.

It brought back so many memories, that I put aside the headset which explained all things which were exposed, because I knew everything I had lived these events and the voice of this guide got on my nerves.

The wall was built in August 1961, separating east from western Germany. Many people died because they jumped out of their windows into the western side before the wall was completed, and after that quiet a lot were shot when they tried to escape.

A sign which said "Attention you leave East Berlin"

Then Kennedy was murdered, the exposition showed Dallas and the event it in a maquette,

and we could see a copy of the gun Oswald had used to kill the president.

There was also the May 68 revolution in France where students fought against authority and institutions. It later became a strike which involved 11,000,000 workers, over 22% of the total population of France at the time, for a continuous two weeks.

I wouldn't call these events being part of the "golden sixties", but rather the sad side. 

But then came Armstrong, the first man who stepped on the moon.

The Belgian most famous Cristal factory "Val St. Lambert" had made the food print in cristal

Women rights increased, the first contraception pill came on the market, which made the pope very angry, the first woman presented the news on television and women started in politics.

Brigitte Bardot created another kind of beauty the child/woman beauty.

and  Marilyn ended a marriage

The Beatles became famous and we could admire a guitare from John Lennon,

The new microphones for the singers

and  Juke boxes were installed.

The first graffitis showed up

and a special east German car was created "the Trabant" On this picture Breshnev is kissing Honecker

Warhol made his first Marilyn Monroe pictures

and Belgium advertised a new Jupiler beer

For the first time there were also TV shows for children.

The Oscars in the 60th

The first James Bond movie was produced

and we could see some accessoires he had used, and which a private collector had lent.

The first record players came on the market and I remember I had one similar to the above left one. Of course it was for the 78 turn rather big records.

The kitchen appliances which we now find in all households came just on the market. Honnestly there is not such a big difference between yesterday and today !

The first electrocardigram also started in the 60th and Dr. Barnard did his first open heart surgery.

Coca Cola came out with a cool box

Vespas conquered different European countries

I think this radio, record player would be very stylish for today !

and the Tupperwears haven't changed their look very  much

Fridges became available for average families. This is a Frigidaire a brand mark created by General Motors.

There were also the first petrol stations

The Mini Morris created by William Morris in Oxford came on the market

More and more camera models became available,

Little bars with Juke box and slotmachine

and a completely new furniture style. I remember that I had two of those armchairs in my room. Today this style is very "in" again.

The dresses I used to wear I now looked at as "historical fashion style" and I thought I could still wear them today, they are also in fashion again.

and when we left the exposition we didn't really know if this sitting area was from the 60th or from 2012.

When we finally left the exposition, we realized that we were born in a very special time. So many things had been invented when we were 20 and so many changes were made in the society and social life. Everything you see and hear today came from this period. Except the computer area, this was later.


Kat said...

Hi Gattina,I love your 60s expo - gave us a good bird's eye view of the era. I myself was a little girl in the 60s but I knew a lot about it because of my cousins. I loved the Beatles too!

Linens and Royals said...

Your photos are great, the exhibition must have been interesting. I always wanted a Vespa and a Morris Mini. I am still wanting and waiting.
Brigitte Bardot was so sexy but now has given all that up to care for animals. I admire her.

Mara said...

I was only born in the 70's, so I don't know much about it. Just that I seem to like 60's music better than 70's music!

diane b said...

Great post. I didn't realize how much went on in the 60's. We were lucky to be young then and have this stuff in our memories.

Jo said...

Wow, what wonderful memories your post evoked. I was about ten - teens in the sixties and remember many of the items in the expo from my childhood home. I'm back in EA again and hope to be posting and visiting more from now on. Hugs Jo

Maribeth said...

I was a little girl in the 60's, but so much of this I remember! Especially the Beatles!

A Lady's Life said...

So true . It was an amazing time to grow up in.
Appliances then never broke and lasted 20 years. The American plate with raw meat you said?? Ugh! we never eat raw meat!. lol
Women took a big step for mankind in this world and we still have to fight for our rights it seems. Nothing's changed there.Kennedy seems to have been shot from three guns not one and we don't know if Oswald even shot him because he was set up and killed himself.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I like the red bag with the vespa. You know what? I can't walk past a vespa without thinking of you.

catsynth said...

I love 1960s modernist styles, in furniture, dress and architecture. And so many achievements during that decade. Sounds like a great exposition.