13 Oct 2012


Yesterday we celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary. We approach the chance to enter in the Guiness Book of records.

43 years with the same man is really a record !

To celebrate this event, I ordered 2 Sushi menues, so I didn't have to cook. After 43 years he knows my cooking, but the Japanese style less.

I had to put the bags in a cupboard because cat Arthur smelled the fish in the sushis and started to meow operas in the kitchen. As it was noon, I thought after 5 h of hearing his songs we would both getting crazy. When it was time I put the Sushis on a plate which was quiet a lot of work, but no effort is hard enough to serve a good meal to your man for this special event. I even let him carry the trays  into the living room !

While I enjoyed my sushis and watched the last dramas in the news on TV, he fought with the cats who wanted to jump in his plate, especially the always hungry Arthur. With the time and age, he and Mr. G. become more and more similar, they both have a timer in their stomac when it comes to eating. However there is a difference, Mr. G. doesn't catch mice, but he puts the corpses in our bin. That's called cooperation !

After this delicious meal, Arthur leaked his whiskers and Mr. G. purred with a full stomac and then we watched a Midsomer Murder to end this special day. Fortunately no husband murdered his wife.

43 years ago it was very warm 25°C (!!) (78 F) and while we were celebrating in a restaurant together with some friends and my parents,  our furniture arrived with a truck and we had to leave the table drive to our new appartment to open the door. When everything was uploaded, we returned to the restaurant where our guests had nearly finished.

This was only our civil marriage we had to do it in a hurry not because of a baby but because of our appartment which we had found and wanted to rent, but in 1969 a young couple couldn't rent an appartment together without a marriage certificate !

The big wedding feast took place two months later, that's why we celebrate our marriage twice !


  1. Happy Anniversary -- but if you're aiming for the Guiness, we are gonna' beat you there (55 years next month!!). I copied the cartoons to e-mail to Bill ;>). Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Congratulations to both of you, for both of your weddings!
    I'm glad you put the cartoons in here. I'm going to steal the second one to post on Facebook for Dick to see.
    Here's wishing you and Mr. G. and Arthur many more years and many more sushi dinners.
    Luv, K


    Wow! time sure does fly.
    I can;t believe myself how much time has flown.

    Well I am glad you are having a great day celebrating a momentous occasion. God Bless and many more happy years together :)

  4. Congratulations on 43 years together. A few more years and you will receive a telegram from the Queen. The world has changed so much in those 43 years, no one now would ask for a certificate to prove you were married.
    Was there even sushi 43 years ago? I'm sure I had never heard of it.

  5. ♪♪♫ Happy ♪♫♪ Anniversary ♪♪♫ to you ♪♫♪♪♪♫ Happy ♪♫♪ Anniversary ♪♪♫ to you ♪♫♪♪♪♫ Happy ♪♫♪ Anniversary ♪♪♫ dear Mr. G. & Mrs G.♪♫♪♪♪♫ Happy ♪♫♪ Anniversary ♪♪♫ to you ♪♫♪

  6. Happy anniversary to you both! Wishing you many more wonderful years together!

  7. Happy anniversary. Same number of years as us. You had a nice simple celebration with lots of love shared in the house. Between you two and all thE cats.

  8. Hi Gattina - many congratulations to you both - sounds as though you have a very good rapport! while Arthur obviously fits in ...

    Crumbs - glad to read Mr G isn't scrabbling around catching mice - and I can imagine it'd be a little tricky for Arthur to tidy up after himself, with that full tum.

    Delighted you had a happy evening - many many more years together .. cheers Hilary

  9. How elegant in that 1st picture!
    43 years married is really a feat, isn't it? My parents say that the more time advances, the more they need each other! Quite romantic, no? :)
    God bless you!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! I talk to Mélissa you had sushis!!! And of course she becomes crazy cause she loves sushis!!!

  11. Sorry for being late, my best belated whishes for many years to come, happyness and good health to both!


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