12 Oct 2012


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1.Nothing very special happened this week. Our windows were so dirty that it really was necessaary to have them cleaned because they are French windows and very huge. When we had the joints of our terrace done, it had caused a lot of dust and therefore the windows were more dirty than usual.

This forced me to wash all the curtains of course ! But they are easy, I just put them in the machine and then hang them up again when they are still wet.

2. The sun was shining so before the Yoga class started 3 of us sat on a little wall to let the sun shine on our faces. Our teacher saw us and told us to stretch the inside of our hands towards the sun, this would give us in 3 min the dose of vitamine D we need every day. Of course we didn't know that, so we stretched our open hands towards the sun and sat there almost like the 3 monkeys (don't hear, don't listen, don't speak) much to the laughter of some teenagers who were there too and watched us. But we had our vitamine D for the day !

3. From time to time I go to the Charity shop which supports battered women.

They often have very interesting things to buy for little money.

I bought this beautiful basket for 5 € and put my season basket inside, now it's higher and looks better.
Of course I couldn't resist to buy a bus (!!) and a car to add to little Toby's car collection !

Just opposite the shop is the Swingolf  course where we will play next year when it gets warmer. So far we weren't lucky each Tuesday when we wanted to play it rained ! I thought I could take some nice pictures of colored trees, but this year the trees are still green. That's not normal, but nothing was normal this year weatherwise.


Time to prepare the terrace for winter, so we covered the furniture under the watchful eyes of cat Arthur. He always has to check if we do things right.

5. I needed cat food and went shopping ! I thought I would find a lot of Halloween decoration as it was the case 2 years ago, but not at all ! Last year already there were only a few witches and pumpkins and this  year nothing !

But there was a huge space with Christmas decoration ! Now ! not yet mid October ! Next year they will start at Easter ! I am really not  ready for Christmas !!

My camera had started to make blurr pictures, so I brought it for reparation ! It will last about a month ! I have a little spare camera, but the picture quality is not so good. So when I saw the same camera for half price in a household appliances shop where I only went through without intention to buy anything, but I couldn't let go this opportunity !

What did I do ? I bought it and now I feel much better ! The lousy weather and the Christmas decoration had damaged my good mood, the new camera brought it back !


MaR said...

I avoid the sun on my face (spots!) but I will turn my hands for sunshine and that needed vitamin, thanks for the tip!!

It costs 150€ to get my camera repaired...not worth it. In the meantime using the little Nikon from husband. It has regular batteries, I don't like that but it will do until I find my new one.

We will be spending Xmas at home after many, many years. I have to check out what I have, I am on declutter mode: don't need more things to put away for 11 months!

Jo said...

Where do you get such easy curtains? I love the addition to Toby's car collection and your seasonal basket for your door. Of course, Arthur has to oversee that the job is done properly! Oh, I am glad you found a replacement camera for the meantime while that lovely little pink camera of yours is in the repair shop. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs Jo

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, views of forest are enrapturing. I am greeting

Cezar and Léia said...

oh I need some sunshine please! I hate this weather, I only have one day of sun here this week!Hmm but about the opportunity to clean the windows...I don't think so! LOL
Beautiful pictures!

Barbara H. said...

I don't wash curtains often, but it's such a nice feeling when they're freshly clean. It's nice you don't have to iron yours.

How neat to find a spare camera at a good price!

I love charity shops or thrift shops supported by a worthwhile charity.

jennyfreckles said...

I will have to remember about turning my hands to the sun, I feel I need more Vitamin D this year! What fun browsing charity shops too. And yes, we also see some Christmas displays - way too soon for me. Lots of mince pies in the supermarket!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I should already have enough Vitamin D to keep me going for the next (more years than I have left)!

SandyCarlson said...

Your terrace looks lovely. Nice to have a supervisor like Arthur! I agree with you about the Christmas junk being out so early. So unnecessary!

Brenda said...

Christmas decorations are out in some of our stores here as well and it is rather annoying. Sounds like you found a great way to cheer up! :)

Willow said...

Our weather is still summerish and the pumpkins are still decorating the grocery store. I don't want to see Christmas deco yet, either!

Sometimes a slow week is good. And you found a treasure in that camera.

Susanne said...

Christmas stuff in the stores is out earlier and earlier around here too.

I like the height that the basket gave to your seasonal flowers.

Annette Whipple said...

Second hand and cheap finds are such fun, as is a good dose of sunshine. I also try to keep my actual face from the sun...though I use sunscreen in my daily lotion, I have spots...

I only buy washable curtains...so good to have them clean (not often here...)