8 Sept 2013


We were already in bed when a terrible thunderstorm started over the lake. Up we went to the living room with French windows from one side to the other of the house and standing there all three in our nighties, we admired the beautiful lightening over the lake ! It was very impressive and the lightening was not only sudden light but really had this zig zag shape !

I can't remember when I had seen this the last time. After this free amazing show, we returned to bed and listened to the thunder which slowly went away.

In the morning it was a little cloudy and cooler, so we went shopping and filled in the fridge again.

Then we had our lunch on the terrace, Dominique is waiting for us.

and while we were eating we saw all these little sailing boats on the lake. The sky over the lake looks different every minute, or almost.

In the afternoon it cleared up and we could use the beach beds, but not the swimming pool. It was full of leaves. Nicole saw me sitting on the little wall and wanted to take a picture of me, so I posed. But when I got up the wall broke (I am probably too heavy) and two pieces stuck on my bottom and then fell down. We bursted out in laughter and  had a closer look at the wall which needs to be rapaired.

After our supper we had another thunderstorm, but this time with buckets of rain and a very strong wind.
We watched the lightening again and talked and talked and then went to bed. When I entered my room a drop of water fell on my head. I was rather surprised. Water dripped from the ceiling ! My room is located under one of the terraces and a tile was loose. I slept with a bucket under the spot where the water came through. Monday workers will come and  start to repair at least provisional before the winter.

To avoid that the drops falling into the bucket were not a Chinese torture for me, we put an old bath towel in the bucket and I didn't hear the drops. Again we had to laugh seeing each other half undressed running around for rags and towels and then checking all ceilings on the first floor ! Fortunately only my room was damaged.

One thing is for sure our risible muscles are well being trained  !


A Lady's Life said...

Wow Darlin ! You look great!!
You need to move to Geneva!! lol

We had thunderstorms also here in BC.
Very rare and yet we had two already followed by heavy rain.
Maybe it is due to the new volcano they found in the pacific ocean Rather troubling this information and we also had this Sound quake in Terrace up north in BC
Rather unusual.
Something is going on and we do not know what it is Maybe nothing. Maybe something.
So enjoy while you can.


Jo said...

You look stunning for 70! I love your plimsoles (flip flops)! I suppose when a place isn't always occupied, when you do visit it, it shows the wear and tear. The thunderstorm and rain afterwards sounds wonderful. I wish it would rain here. (PS Not sure if you can access blogs and visit: if you can, check out what Shadow did last night. I aged ten years!) Hugs Jo

Linens and Royals said...

An exciting and interesting holiday. I am enjoying it all even if it is second hand.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love the word risible because I love to laugh! Which I am doing just from reading your post and I can just imagine how the three of you roared with laughter!

You look great by the way. It was all the pool's fault, not yours.

Andrew said...

The storms must have been great to watch. Now what do you plan to damage today?