18 Jun 2007


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The four last days of my roundtrip in Turkey I stayed in Kudasasi which is one of Turkey's principle holiday resorts, and is a real cute little old city situated on the west coast of Turkey- 90km south of Izmir. It is also close to the important historical sites including Ephesus, where I had also been.

Of course getting up very early in the morning (sometimes at 5.30 am) and climbing the whole day in the heat through roman and greek historical ruins was at the end a little tireing.

The hotel where I stayed was very nice and of course had also airconditionning against this still spring heat and I was quite surprised that a lot of private houses were equipped with that too.

The city itself had quite some very nice mosques and was surrounded by a big wall from ancient greek and roman times. The first day I spend there was very hot and cloudy a sticky heat hang over the little town despite the fact that it's located just at the sea.

Kusadasi also has a very big habour where Cruise ships from all countries stop to visit the town. The Setur Marina is one of the largest and best equipped marinas in Turkey with the capacity of 629 yachts both a float and on shore, visited between 2500-3000 boats each year.

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The remains of the city wall

One of the fortress had a wonderful inner courtyard, decorated with beautiful carpets and there was also a café where you could get cold drinks.

Of course there were shops side by side, selling jewlery, leather clothes (very cheap), souvenirs, and carpets.

carpets wherever you look

Suddenly a heavy rain started and in a minute the streets were full of water. Here you can see the shop owners trying to put their things inside and free their shops from water.

Fortunately the rain stopped quickly and I visited the fisher market. What an odor !

It still was cloudy but warm. This is a monument of freedom at the seafront

Women chatting

There were a lot of yellow taxis all around

I watched military divers who had pulled out all this junk from the sea !

The rest of my holidays the weather was beautiful as you can see here. Cruise ships boarding. They usually stayed there over night.

I didn't suffer from the heat, because there was always a little breeze coming from the sea.


  1. Although the heat was bad, you will have so many great memories of your trip. I am glad to see you took loads of pictures too!! Have a wonderful Manic Monday.

  2. Oh, Izmir übel...sorry about that, but I have heard that expression so many times... :)

    It looks like a wonderful place to visit, glad you didn't let the boring crew keep you from having fun. Great pictures as always.
    I thought those were carpets for sale until you mentioned they are for decoration!

    And you were there at the right time of the year, it seems. I don't mind heat but it's humidity I can't stand.
    Happy monday!

  3. Oh I love your trip stories. Wonderful! Glad you were by the sea to feel a cool breeze. Bliss

  4. Wow! The place is beautiful, Gattina! I wish I can visit Turkey as well. Would want to explore the world and I will do it soon :) *keeping my fingers crossed*

    I wish I can send over some heat, Gattina. Hehehe

    Happy Monday!

  5. I'd definitely stay away from the fish market on a hot day! Ewwww!

  6. What beautiful photos and your story about the vacation is remarkable. Thank you for sharing with us on this Manic Monday.

    I also appreciated your comments on my Manic Monday: Heat post this week.

    Happy MM! Villager

  7. A wonderful post, Gattina. It's great to see all your photos as I will never get to go there any way but in my mind and through your photos.

    Thanks for visiting my post and Reba's. Have a wonderful day.

  8. wow! the place is really wonderful and i enjoyed watching youre pics. thanks for sharing them!

  9. Thank you for bringing me back here - Have not been there for 20 years. Did we buy a carpet? Of yes. We still have it and is now dedicated the cats.

    Beautiful pictures (but about half I could not see?)

  10. What a marvelous vacation and beautiful pictures. If you must have hot weather, that is the way to do it.

  11. Gattine Turkey looks a lovely place to visit by your lovely photo's. and I dont think ill go near the fish market..

  12. Thanks for sharing your holiday. What a beautiful place too. I could do one of those cruise ships. Have a great MM. :)

  13. The photos were wonderful. I was so happy to visit along with you. It must be wonderful to be able to see in person such great places. Thank you for sharing. connie from Texas

  14. What beautiful pics! I'd like to be there! One day perhaps! And these beautiful boats! Where the beaches nice too?
    I won't post tomorrow for Cats on Tuesday cause I'm very tired tonight! I have a cold perhaps cause the pollen i don't know but my head could explose!
    I come back from your travel blog and I have admired the reconstitution of Waterloo battle!

  15. What a lovely guided trip and with beautiful pictures. Reading about your traveling always makes me wants to go where you've been. Never been to Kudasasi, but now I want to - thanks for sharing!

  16. Ooooooo beautiful! Well... okay! Maybe Turkey is back on for me! BUT... why is the sea all walled off from the people? How is anyone supposed to SWIM with that awful rock wall in the way??? I guess you dOn't swim... I guess everyone is too busy looking at all the stunning architecture.... The buildings really ARE gorgeous!

  17. Oh, I bet there where a lot of interesting things to see and architecture besides the ruins.

    ...and I have to love the cruise ships of course!!!!

    We saw one on distance in Stockholm recently, pity that we hadn't the time to go closer and take a picture of it. It looked very similar to yours here.

  18. I´m so glad to hear you´ve had a fine vacation! Love the pictures. We´ve been to "Türkiye" once so far - Alanya. I liked it and I´d LOVE to return for another holiday someday.

    Oh Mann, ich bin urlaubsreif. Ich kann den Apfeltee schon riechen!
    "Kauffsu du hia, bei mein shop. Is sich billiga als ALDI, bessa Qualitättt als Guttschie!" *ROFL*

  19. I had a pen pal from Turkey when I was 12 or 13. He lived in a very beautiful house full of beautiful objects.

    The water is so blue there! Very nice clear pictures. :)


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