17 Jun 2007


Pookie washes her paws in innocence with such a story !

One thing I had to get used to (again) were the toilets in Turkey ! In the 60-70th you could find the same in Italy or France but in Turkey they still are very commun everywhere, airport, historical sites, restaurants, on the ferry and public toilets. Only in hotels I didn't see them.

Now you can easily imagine the gymnastic which people had to do because it's not so easy to pee while standing with the feet on the forseen gutters without wetting your shoes and cause an inondation. There is nothing to hold yourself in this position and usually it's years ago when we as little girls used to do that in the bushes !

But nature is nature and when you have to you have to !

The old romans had another view of toilets and I wonder if the word "restroom" doesn't come from there because toilets really were there to rest.

This picture shows a meeting room in a roman historical site, where they all sat together side by side on the "throne". For more then 2000 years ago it was already very sophisticated, with running water underneath ! While slaves brought in plates and plates of food and a lot of wine, they ate, chatted and shit (sorry) all at the same time.

Now can you imagine our politicians in such a meeting place ? Maybe the world would be better then !


  1. interesting post
    id heard about toilets in some countries but actually seen them
    and as for the roman rest rooms well . . . imagine the bacteria

  2. Oh! la,la! J'en reviens pas, alors on a guère fait de progrès depuis cette époque si ce n'est que nous sommes beaucoup plus pudiques! Ah,ah! J'imagine l'équipe de Sarkokenstein assis sur les trônes en train de prévoir comment ils vont faire payer les classes moyennes et les pauvres avec le sourire! Comment vont ils enrober cette "shit" pour tout nous faire gober???

  3. Excuse me, but this is a *shitty* post, lol! now what's the green bucket for? Is that the way to flush????
    I have seen this kind of toilets in France, even in small towns where the local café only has this to offer...better than nothing. I use a toilet wherever I see one when traveling, just in case there won't be any in the next 4 hours!

  4. your first photo reminds me of the toilets in China. I was preganant when I had to use it and it wasn't a pretty sight to say in the least :) Those are great photos!!

  5. I spose they can't use that rhyme
    if you sprinkle when you tinkle
    please be neat and wipe the seat..
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  6. Laughing hysterically here!
    I like the last comment about the worlds politicians. I'm really, really glad for our Western toilets now that I've seen the hole in the floor.
    I've also found the color palet for my my website. I had fun all day redoing my site.

  7. Oh yeah, these old restrooms were also used to spread false rumours - according to our guide in Ephesos.

  8. Ohh Gattina I laughed at the roman rest room all sitting there eating and shiting,
    the hole in the floor bought back memories of our trip to Italy, We took a train trip and on returning back to Rome station I had to use the toilet well i wondered what do i do in here a whole in the floor and a place to put your feet i had slacks and a fur coat on and camera bag and a handbag over my shoulder, how I managed ill never no remember im Aussie lol..

  9. You GOTTA be KIDDIN me!!! Ohhhhhhhh no! Turkey is OUT! OFF the list! NO WAY am I doin' that!!! ROFL!!! Ohhhhhhhh poo!

  10. This is a wonderfully shitty post! I love it! *giggles*

    That roman one is so cool. Suits the politicians well, they always talk a lot of shit anyway!

    I'll link to your post in my last post at once!

  11. The pics didn't download, but I have no problem imagination as I've seen and used them before - last time in Italy I think.
    They might be more conviniant for boys maybe :-)


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