29 Apr 2013


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I was still in France half of the weekend. Early morning we got a phone call from the restaurant Mafana neay Hyeres, that the cow had fallen down from the exposition wall ! Claudie and I quickly drove over there to repair the damage. Claudie was better then I in hammering stronger nails so I was just the supervisor.

We noticed that more people had left little messages in the "Golden book" and checked the other paintings before driving home again.

The so beautiful weather had turned into rain and it was rather cool ! But nevertheless Claudie wanted to show me the Salins-d'Hyères an area of ​​salt marshes along the coast. They are one of the most remarkable natural areas of the Mediterranean shore.

These saline were operated from 963 AD to 1995 for the production of salt.

That's how they should have looked ! It's also a paradise for birds, but I didn't see any !

There was a kite competition going on despite the rain ! We looked a bit, and I took this picture of Claudie, her daughters and the boyfriend who hid behind the car.

Claudie's daughter Mélissa took these pictures of me, while I was walking back from my photo shooting ! It was so awful, that we decided to drive back and rather have a drink at the Sanary beach.

There the rain had stopped and the sun came out !

Her husband had prepared delicious Doner Kebabs which we ate with big appetite !

and the boyfriend who is a baker had brought these very yummy little cakes he had brought for me so that I could taste his work ! They didn't last long in the box !

Then came the moment to say good bye, and Claudie drove me to the airport in Marseille. It was still raining and cold ! My flight was smooth and I could work on my photos.

Mr. G. was waiting for me in SUNSHINE ! It should have been the other way around, as the French Riviera is rather famous for its good weather !

From my four cats only Rosie showed that she was happy and took a nap, while I rested for a while and watched TV while Oscar the Robot mowed the lawn !  Nature  had changed, the grass had grown and flowers were blooming ! It seems that spring has finally arrived !

I unpacked my suitcase and went early to bed ! What a wonderful break I had in my routine life ! Tomorrow I will certainly be full of energy !!


  1. So glad you rescued the cow! I'm no use with any tools at all. As you posted about the salt marshes, I thought: mmm, must be birds there! I loved the yummy looking cakes. The two men in those ladies' lives are surely talented. Glad you had a sunny welcome in Belgium. Have a great week. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Love your pictures, even in the rain! :) And it's so nice to arrive at home with sunshine!The kebabs look delicious, I think I will try to prepare some here during this week! I liked this idea!

  3. Even if the weather wasn't kind at the end ,Im sure you enjoyed your friend's company and the break from routine life. (which I don't think you have with all your trips away.) Hope spring stays for you.

  4. The cow is my favourite painting, sad it fell of the wall.
    The kebabs an the cakes look delicious. Shame about the rain but I'm sure it didn't spoil your holiday.

  5. It's nice to have friends around the world, right?

  6. Ah rats! for the bad weather.
    I am glad it didn't dampen your holiday though.
    We also are enjoying the sun for a change and got the BBQ out.
    So we hope for a sizzling summer this year.
    Have a good rest and keep warm.

  7. We didn't stop during this week!!!! I have to say we were bussness women very busy everywhere (Mafana, Aix, etc...) Many events and we were the right women for all the situations!!! Even to taste the kebabs!!!! We miss you around the table tonight! Luckely I had the food we bought in Picard and all were happy to eat the good vegetables and rusties!

  8. I think it's great to have a baker boyfriend. Enjoy the sunshine.

  9. I am so happy that you had such a nice time with Claudie! I think Mr. G.missed you and that is why he made such a nice meal. Rosie is your kitty and of course shows she missed you. The others own YOU! lol So they wait for you to apologize for being away and not serving them! ;)


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