3 May 2013


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1. When I came back from France I found Mr. G. in a terrible state of travel fever ! He will go together with our son and Toby to Italy which in itself is a very nice idea ! But he worries so much about the train, the tram, the weight of his suitcase etc etc, that he doesn't sleep and when I had solved nearly all his problems, he always finds a new one ! I try very hard not to become a nervous wreck ! Poor man, when I think of all the travels we had done together without any travel fever ! 

I had brought these nice curtains from France and now my rooms looks much lighter ! (and I see the people walking by better too ! ) Cat Rosie loved the little bobbles and started to play with them, but she stopped when I shouted at her !

2. While Oscar was mowing the lawn (again) I assisted to the inthronisation of the new Dutch King. Besides the fact that my grandson is half Dutch, and half German with also Italian blood I love watching Royals !

The new King and Queen arrived in the church, which isn't a church anymore. It was not a religious event.

Their 3 little daughters were so brave and cute and really already behaved like Royals ! Grandma Beatrix the ex Queen distracted them and it was so touching to watch them.

of course I sat besides the Royal Grandma !

The new Queen is very sympathetic and very beautiful too. She is from Argentina is very warmhearted and cheerful. They both are very close to the population.

Charles and Camilla were there too, and he was probably thinking if one day he will be coronated too !

And the whole population celebrated with them and the orange color was everywhere !

3. To take a break from my travel fever plagued Mr. G. I went to my friend Ilona !

The weather was quiet nice and we could sit outside and have our Indian tea. It's useless to say that she loves cats too !


My keyboard went on strike when I wanted to use the letter "Y". In the English language this is very annoying. I had to buy a new one and found a very nice one in white and wireless ! With all the cables which are connected to my computer at least I have one USB key connection more.

And as misfortune seldom comes alone, I lost my mobile ! I tried to call it, it rang somewhere once in the house, but then was dead as probably the battery ! We turned the whole house upside down, looked in the most unusual places, like the fridge, but we couldn't find it. Mr. G. started to worry again, because he couldn't call me when I am somewhere especially now that he will be away, so I bought a new one, and exactly the same as the one which is hiding somewhere in the house !


Oscar the lawn mower had to be moved into the garden shed.

I feared that it could be stolen, because the shed is unlocked and such a robot is quiet interesting to steal !
I found a nice chain especially for this purpose and attached it inside the shed on a ladder ! I am sure everybody will see if a burglar wanders around with a long ladder and a robot attached to it. Our shed is so full that I didn't find another solution, but for the moment it's OK


  1. I love that you were there next to the other Dutch Grandma and her little ones! Poor Charles must certainly wonder when he will one day be King! I hope Mr G gets off on his travels without a hitch and you can get some peace! Have a great weekend. Jo

  2. The new Queen is very beautiful and her three daughters are so pretty, what a wonderful Royal family. But no crowns? or cloth of gold? or sparkly jewels? Pleased the royals allowed you and Toby to be there.
    If you wait a little while Rosie Mrs G will go on another holiday then you can play with the new curtains.

  3. Poor Mr G - he will be all right once he has arrived in Italy. Your old phone will turn up now you've stopped looking for it!

  4. Somebody in the Netherlands recorded the whole thing for me (around 24 hours I believe), so I will see the old Queen and the new King when I get that dvd in a few weeks.

  5. Great Gattina! Lovely photos! Better than mine! Thank you for sharing and the kind words! How wonderful that your grandson is half Dutch.

  6. Lovely to get these glimpses into your life. I didn't see the Dutch coronation but it looks interesting. A bit more relaxed and slightly less formal than Charles' will be (if he ever gets that far!) I smiled to read of your new French curtains. I bought similar when I was in France once - they do good curtains there.

  7. I haven't seen a lawn mower like that before! Nice that your hubby gets to take a trip, too. I'm sure your phone will turn up now that you've bought a new one -- that's what always happens to me!

    Have a great week ahead.

  8. We watched the Dutch Coronation on TV here in Australia too.

    Please give Oscar a pat from me.for me

  9. Even though we don't have royals here, it's fascinating to watch their ceremonies.

    I get nervous traveling, too, and have to double and triple check things.

  10. Poor Mr G. He should enjoy the ride and forget about it Life is short.
    The robot could be left indoors No?

  11. Hi Gattina,

    I never heard of a robot lawn mower before. I cannot even imagine how it works - certainly no straight lines when cutting. I am going to check your other posts to see if you talk about this machine.

    Your new curtain are cheery and I can see why Rosie liked them. How nice it only took a shout to discourage her inquisitive behaviour.

    Your friend's garden is such a lovley spot to have tea. What is Indian tea though?

    I hope you and Mr G have a nice weekend.

  12. Your friend's garden is a perfect place to have tea. The cats are wonderful company I'm sure.
    I hope Mr. G calms down during the trip and enjoys each moment.


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